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  1. Three cheers for old, bitter and on your own!



    -Nobody fucks with you

    -you're always right

    -nobody fucks with your shit

    -you only have yourself to take care of

    -you only have everybody else to blame

    -a pleasant "the world is fucked - so fuck 'em" perspective

    -well-exercised frown muscles

    -you are unhappy and will die unhappy, so the consistency is nice.

    - Great if you like lots of menace in your facial expression



    -you are a bitter old fuck that has become that person you used to hate

    -The world sucks, and that sucks the life-energy out of you

    -Never have to exercise those damn, few smile muscles

    -you only have yourself to take care of

    -people inevitably are fucking with your sense of what is right.


  2. Missing following option (I know it's hard to include everybuddy in a poll - whaddya do?)


    Bowl-smokin', whiskey-drinkin in the AM, pool-of-rope-on-the-ground-while-you're-leadin', sport-epicin', bold-as-fuck, off-the-couch-sendin', clear-the-crag with-vitriolic-spewin' climber!

  3. To reiterate what others have said: Bravo! For sucking it up and taking personal responsibility.


    It's an attitude that compliments the demeanor of our undertakings, yet is often minimalized by those faint of heart and strong of cellphone signal.


    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Erik