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  1. Knots for rappels

    Tshimoko: In kinder terms, if you search for "knots" under "climber's board" and swith the dateline to "all posts" there's some good threads...Peace, and welcome!
  2. beer goggles

  3. Midweek Barbeque

    At Magnuson you can traverse the railway support rocks above the water when your drunk - it's the only time it's fun...
  4. The Top 5 Weird...

    5. Village Music of Bulgaria (whaddaya think of that?) Some of the regional stuff is wacky like that - I have some West Virginia mountain music that is way down home. add: 6. Holy Modal Rounders I & II (on one specially priced disc ) is too good to leave out, and can't take any of the others away...
  5. The Top 5 Weird...

    That's cool - what an album they would put out together... Got a Top 5?
  6. Wet Tee Shirt Contest

    "...in the light of the Iron Sausage, where the torture never stops."
  7. Booty

    "Professor! What's another name for pirates treasure?" --Beastie Boys
  8. Tattoos

    Hell, I'm tail-end Baby-boomer ('62), and I can hardly remember the "me-decade" of the '80's. I don't think I would be alive if I was still "bringing it on" like then. Class of 80 Rules
  9. Greetings! I just moved to Ferndale, and got this forum hookup from a friend - pretty cool! Looking for potential climbing partners in the area for the spring-summer-fall thing. Bouldering, sport or trad. Squamish is awesome, as well as the North Cascades! I have been climbing 15 years and lead to .11 trad, mid-.11's sport, and V4-5 bouldering. Looking for a few trips to Skaha and Leavenworth this spring, too. Anyone interested? I'm pretty easygoing, and have a Eurovan camper to sweeten the pot for the overnight thing...
  10. Booty

    We were climbing at the upper malamute in Squish last year, and I had forgotten my chalkbag, so I decided to lead an easy 5.8 multi then go back to the car. When I got to the top of the second pitch, there was a chalkbag with plenty of chalk, and complete with belt just waiting for me. I knew then I was doing something right...
  11. A funny site

    Ministry of Truth
  12. Skaha Parking

    Anyone know what the deal is on the parking? I heard there was a shutdown of the privately owned lot. Is that still in effect? If so, where to park?
  13. Skaha Parking

    Thanks for the info - a trip to Skaha is in the works!
  14. Bellingham area climbers

    Thanks! I PM'ed you.
  15. Tattoos

    I have a native american line drawing that is a single continuous line of an elk head inside a persons head. I added a yin/yang symbol inside the circle of the antlers. It means (to me) that I always should keep the balance of nature in mind. The profile looks like my profile too. Some images call to your spirit and so you throw them on your bag of bones.