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  1. Klenkenator got em all!

    Good Onya, Mate. Klenke: the square-jawed, man's man of peak-bagging!
  2. Protecting war criminals - an American favourite

    Consider it as a "war-profiteering-you-owe-me-one" and it seems more logical, however convoluted.
  3. Fuck Off Friday...yes its obvious

    For your edification, a whole sentence made up of "Fuck!" "Fuck! The fucking fucker's fucking fucked!" --auto mechanic in White Center
  4. "Playing the Race Card"

    Wow! An intelligent post by KB! Knock me down with a feather!
  5. Refinishing wood floors - Need sanding equipment

    Oh, and don't forget to lick the windows when you're done!
  6. Glassgowkiss...

    This is great. I love an online trainwreck.
  7. Think Before You Post THURSDAY

    Sorry, ADHD disallows following your requirements. I got a note from my "doctor" note
  8. Refinishing wood floors - Need sanding equipment

    It's the edging sander that will cause you problems, Pax. Those suckers are tricky. Best of luck. Erik
  9. Glassgowkiss...

    I was freezing my ass off on an ice climbing trip with Bob once after getting soaked and the screaming barfies. I wanted to stay in the car and warm up, but he verbally abused me until I got back out. I thought I could hold out, but his talent for verbal evisceration turned out to be too strong. I sold all my ice gear shortly thereafter. Bob's like the opposite of Kevbone: too smart for his own, and other's good
  10. Most satisfying pitch ever...

    :lmao: :lmao:
  11. Most satisfying pitch ever...

    I had been saving "Crack of Doom" 5.11b/c at City of Rocks until I was strong enough at trad to have a chance of onsighting it. After a couple of years, I did onsight it. I did it the .11c way, too - not using the cheater holds, but pure crack style. The "Bela Lugosi traverse" on Layton and my climb "Plan 9" in the Pickets was one of those moments where you don't know what is out there, but you go anyway. Overcoming gripping fear on an FA is right up there on the satisfaction scale.
  12. treacherous aasgard pass

    What is the recommended ass guard for that descent?
  13. Weirdest move on a route....

    1. Head-catch rest 2. Jingus Fling at Smith - I hate that crux move, hence the nick-name.
  14. Amazing sport climbing unlike anything else in Washington, roofs, techy, steep, powerful: Gneiss at it's best. 20 minute hike from Hwy 2, 1 mile West of the Rest Area on East side of the pass. An access trail has been blazed in the last couple of years that eliminates the private property issue. I owned land within 1/2 mile of the area for 3 years and did a fair bit of developing. The reticent locals thought I put my bolts "too far" apart, I found out later via an e-mail threat to add 20 bolts to my routes. Sortly thereafter, the communal "list" we had all been adding to disappeared. There are at my last check (over 2 years ago, BTW), over 40 routes from 5.10 to 5.12, and tons more to develop. My pride and joy is "Rufus" an .11c I put up with Glacier and Alpinfox over a period that pulls a 5-foot horizontal roof with multiple .11 cruxes. Also, Gunstone, in memory of a good friend .11b, Airborne Ranger, .11b, and the "Mod Squad Wall", which Alpinfox and I developed one wonderful spring, sporting some "moderates" Thanks to Alpinfox, Glacier, Skyclimb, Distel and Wirlwind for your time, help and excitement during this fun development! Go get sum. Erik ps you can hassle all these people plus trogdor the burninator for the exact location
  15. The last two times I have climbed at the Overlook in Flagstaff, my female partners have shed shirts, etc and climbed topless. I have never had this happen before or anywhere else... Weird, huh? (Post edited for personal reasons)
  16. MisterE Top this

    Does it still have the flip-and-dump option for those unwanted climbing "guests" who overstay their welcome? Pretty sweet set-up!
  17. Adding A Bolt To Kevbone's Head?

    Right there, front and center. Discuss.
  18. oooo another bolt v. not thread

    You forgot this one, Rudy: add a bolt here!
  19. Favorite climbing shoes...

    The white ones - they have a bit of asymmetry, but not too much. Seems like an improvement...
  20. Favorite climbing shoes...

    Anasazi velcro, Boreal Zen's for most anything. Just got a pair of the new Anasazi lace-ups - they are edging and smearing machines! They seemed to have fixed the heel-box problem this time around.
  21. it is not possible for this to sound masculine

    How much did you pay for THAT scooter? Just wrong, Dude.
  22. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

  23. it is not possible for this to sound masculine

    "We just bought matching scooters!" How's that?
  24. Eccentric Seattle Bivi Available

    Coach? You out there? Got your new place!