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  1. Cascadeclimbers.com Renaissance Men

    Gesundheit like you can't even imagine DC
  2. Canada Olympic Medal Count

    pwned, Foulweather. Now go back to your elitist gloating
  3. best of cc.com TR: Til Death Do Us Part Dihedral

    Nice bump Needed some stars!

    "Says here you've been missing a lot of work!" " I wouldn't say I've been exactly missing it, Bob!"
  5. Cascadeclimbers.com Renaissance Men

    Koo Koo Kachoo
  6. Best of TRs on CC.Com

    I always thought Uncle Tricky's TR's, stories and observations were some of the best written on the forum: Climbing Into the Coffin Climbing, Surfing and Localism TR:SEWS East Buttress & SW Rib Lexington Tower - East Face Til Death Do Us Part Dihedral Here's a link to all the threads he started - there's plenty of other excellent pieces. Uncle Tricky Page It was a real honor to meet Patrick, and I imagine he is doing well over there on the Eastside. Wish he would check back in occasionally. Erik
  7. Been hearing talk about it...anyone else? That's a scary thing to be soloing, given conditions, rock/ice/snowfall, and rock quality. Wow. Erit: Hey, look! It's just like cc.com Spray over there!
  8. Erden Eruc - gathering at EBFoote Winery

    I wish I could be there to shake your (I am sure strong) hand, Erden - I will be there in spirit. Your commitment to this has been astounding. A hearty "Cheers" is certainly in order. Respectfully, Erik Wolfe
  9. internet was down because of this guy

    No, Doug - you have to run your own porn-cleaning programs! Sorry to break it to you
  10. Hey 5K! What time is it???

  11. Hey 5K! Guess what time it is now?

    You two at it again? Get a room!
  12. And the Accusations Begin!

    This is just too unbelievable not to repost: The saddest part of it all is how senseless these 11 deaths are. The Marines rushing into urban conflict in Anbar province I can wholeheartedly admire. The firemen who ran into the burning towers of 9/11 and lost their lives, I remember in my prayers with gratitude and admiration. But somehow we live in a world where not enough men find real avenues for masculine achievement. They are moved to take enormous risks, like climbing K2, for no particular reason in a world that (apparently) offers them insufficient real outlets for their heroism. To the 11 dead on K2: Salute! We used to send such men out to explore new continents, conquer frontiers or defeat the barbarians. Now 11 good men have lost their lives climbing a mountain for no particular reason. Because it was there, they no longer are. What a magnificent waste!
  13. And the Accusations Begin!

    Here's someone with a firm grasp on what it's all about:
  14. Dean Potter Solos Nordwand?

    He did it in 3 hours! Holy crap!
  15. Gearheads, attention...

    Just wanted to spray on the midget's thread, carry on.
  16. Alpine Climbing Essentials

    3. layton bivvy kit: whiskey and sleeping pills 4. Get Out Of Jail Free card that should cover ya. Oh, and TP
  17. Photo Caption Contest, Part XVII

    "Ed the structural engineer goes out for some adventure, keeping his notebook handy for quick calcs"
  18. Tap National Oil Reserves

    I'm with Paris:
  19. not for faint-hearted

    Can we make all of spray in languages most of us don't understand? That would be great, cuz then I wouldn't waste my time on this half-assed drivel. Pictures are good though. Thanks for your consideration, Administrators. Best, Erik
  20. finish trim wood (hemlock) source?

    Yep - Blackstock is the place to go. You have to do jamb extensions, too?
  21. paging Dr. Layton, Dr. Layton to the fax machine

    just the scrips please...
  22. Boyz 2 Men

    You won't find your topic represented well in on this site.
  23. favorite climbing quotes

    "I'm trying to reach that bus-stop in an hour or so, and I am doing it by laying-back this gutter. I am kind of guttering and laying-back at the same time." Excerpt from: 9U0tDU37q2M