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  1. IB

    After the scathing threads on it in the last few years, it became "Infinite Bitch"
  2. Mountie Alert - Vantage 9/20 - 9/21

    I was going to say it is a bit of a tradition around here. They get to feel good about bein razzed by the pros, and we get to have some fun. A symbiotic relationship. RuMR excluded, of course.
  3. Weapons of Moss Destruction

    Invaluable: flat prybar for moss, dirt and root removal in cracks, testing flakes,etc Edit for Joseph: the above is only 8-9" long
  4. RIP Ryan Triplett 1977 - 2008

    Damn. That's sad news. RIP Ryan, you lived large!
  5. Long and Hard, Just How You Like IT
  6. He must be runnin' the Cali Medicinal Chronic...
  7. Shocking Non-political post

    That tongue on the last picture should do the trick, anyway...
  8. Shocking Non-political post

    But it's not political! Yay!
  9. Important Hadron Collider website!


    Especially on The Hill:
  11. Diversity = The Beauty of Life

    General Zod = proof that you don't have to be from Earth to be an idiot!
  12. Not by my posts Bill Just talking to Bloom, and he said the crux pitch is .12b slab... **shudder**
  13. Sofa Table

  14. Cops

    Hey, John I remember that weekend - ski-in, wasn't it? ...with a woman, too as I recall...that Pandora girl? lol!!
  15. People putting up new routes

    You are welcome!
  16. Some Simple Questions For Palin

    Like taking nuts from a

    Not just any Baller can straight spin air like that. Wack, Yo. Props.
  18. What up, SolMan? 4 hours - one response. Yah, not a big deal to you NW hardmen. Cheers, E
  19. Today is the Last Day

    Seems like you have a bit more time, according to our resident Nuclear Physicist, Ed Hartouni, over on Supertopo: "hey Juan, if the LHC destroys the world on Wed, it will actually happen on Tue because they will collide beam early so that they know it will happen during their press conference... If, in fact, we (I'm one of the eggheads) destroy the planet, I'll take you out for a beer. Also, it will take more than a nanosecond... the fastest it could happen is the diameter of the earth, 41,851,445' divided by the speed of light... 1 ns/ft, that's more like 42 milliseconds, tops! If it is the speed of sound it takes even longer, what's the speed of sound in the earth? You know that number I'm sure. " "actually, I don't think you have to worry about tomorrow... here's why: they will start to commission the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) by injecting beam into one of the rings... then circulate the beam in that ring. Then they will do it in the other ring... that will take 6 days. Then they will take the beams to 450 GeV (which is less than Fermilab's Tevatron) and do a bunch of measurements... that will take 9 days They'll then setup for collisions at 450 on 450, still less than Fermilab... another 13 days. Finally, they will setup for collisions at 7 TeV... so maybe by the end of the month there will be collisions in the ring that have never occurred on earth before in a laboratory. These collisions happen all the time with cosmic rays hitting the earth, however... You can check on progress at the LHC Commissioning home page Lots of time to drink pints and choose your favorite towel... ...and work on the improbability drive... Don't worry, be happy."

  21. Big Walls 4 'Bama

    Hey, Raindawg? The "extremist" card to drive home your point is pretty played out.
  22. Big Walls 4 'Bama

    You just want to see the old days when climbers were reticent and outcasts. To see any affiliation or groupthink of any kind in your mind is equal to a crushing of the climbing spirit. Fixation on outcome beyond your control is very sad, but not altogether unexpected. It keeps one from experiencing the joy of acceptance. Your loss, Raindawg.