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  1. yup, you nailed the year. but we poached the reefer from some guy's patch in mariposa. photo by off white, btw. now eat my hate, bitch.
  2. yo g-spot, i'm wearing the same white sweats in both pics: the one of me [ahem] soloing alcoa and the other pic of me *cough cough* on the cover of climbing magazine. so SUKIT. now hang up the goddamned phone, i can't dance with you anymore.
  3. you mean these? yep. i like to slip it on and flex for the dominatrix before we get down n' dirty with some crazy monkey sex. wtf?? how come the mutherfucking photolink tags ain't workin'??
  4. and here's a big ol' "I EAT HATE FOR BREAKFAST!!" shout-out to all my homies in the mossy, chossy PNW. hate to you all, and to all a good hate.
  5. cobain was the world's most rabid wiper's fan. after me, of course.
  6. Pfft, if'n I wanted to pose, I'd blow smoke up your ass about what great performance art visionaries they are, or diss 'em as avant-garde wanksters with more style than substance. Instead, I think they've got great schtick but they just don't make my little heart go pitter pat. holy mother fucking christ. am i misreading this? somebody thinks off white don't know his shit when it comes to muzz-ack? fuck, i'm a fucking american hero when it come to this shit, but i still take a backseat to offwhite. get a clue, you asswipe n00b.
  7. no brainer. the wipers. portland, oregon. http://vinyljourney.blogspot.com/2004/12/wipers-alien-boy-12-ep-so-if-i-was-one.html
  8. bvb

    Another Music Thread

    i've rediscovered the wiper's first lp, "is this real?" it is simply the most amazing work of music ever released. check it out: fucking amazing. buy the box set for 17 bucks, fools,
  9. wednesday nights, eh? ok if i join in? might be by your way soon....
  10. hey, i recognize that formation. is that three o'clock rock?? i think we did "silent running" (5.9?) in like 79 or 80, a bunch of the bolts were missing hangers so we did huge "misty beethoven" style runouts, or tried to loop the studs with #2 stoppers. we did a couple a new routes on the detached slab on the lower right of this pic, and went back a year later and some of the bolts had sheared off...turned out it was a bad batch of 1/4 splits. it rained most of the time we were there...we holed up in OW's VW bus and smoked prince albert in a can, plus lotsa ragweed, and waited for the dry spells. good times.
  11. damn luke. gonna go back to mongolia to recoop?
  12. nab wall cream jam session lotsa bouldering east butt middle quicksilver or freewheeling, haven't decided yet more bouldering anything on the apron that seems safe that'll do 'er.
  13. duuuude...swear to god, me and mp fired coonyard to oasis...but...i musta been drunk, or stoned, or sumpthin....
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