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  1. Kautz conditions

    I've been there last year in September. It is solid AI2 with overall ice climbing for 4-500 feet. It is protectable. The ice will be very hard since it cools overnight and becomes very cold in the early morning.
  2. [TR] Stuart - WR 7/28/2007

    Trip: Stuart - WR Date: 7/28/2007 Trip Report:
  3. [TR] Stuart - WR 7/28/2007

    Goat. We met her after topping Long John Tower pitch. We chose right-hand variation to save some time and not deal with ropes, but ended up unpacking the rope for just one move that seemed to be too exposed. So, we just topped the pitch when she came from somewhere above, made this look and casually proceeded down the route we just climbed. Oleg and I instinctively squized our heads into shoulders expecting to hear sound of falling goat body. But she was Ok!. Respect! Why she? a minute later her little kid wizzed by us and jumped into the same abyss not even looking around. How do they do it?..
  4. Picture of Willis Wall Ice Cliff 6/27/07

    what lens / body was used? nicely done
  5. ditto pics are very good sounds like a good outing
  6. Kautz Gl.

    no I do not, but Mike has link on his blog to this report: http://www.cascadecrusades.org/SkiMountaineering/rainier/fuhrerfinger/ff2007/ffmay2007.htm
  7. Kautz Gl.

    rip doubts
  8. Kautz Gl.

    thanks CBS I would say it was not harder than last September...
  9. [TR] Silver Star Peak - 5/6/2007

    Burgundy spires Team captain At the col 300ft below the summit Bell and Kangaroo?
  10. Liberty Bell... dry?

    here is a distant shot of the massif this Sunday from Silver Star approach (sorry for the size of the image):
  11. Westside road access?

    MSFT has a group of activists who have deal with RMI and the park. Each MSFT client would throw at least $2k and get a guided climb from RMI. RMI guides these ppl for free, so all the money go to the park. Last time it was about couple dozen ppl who participated in this program. Now, MSFT itself treats these donations as legit and doubles the amount. So in total park gets couple dozen times $4k at least. Not bad IMO.
  12. [TR] Icicle Creek - Various 3/31/2007

    Ok, I just did not want to create another thread because of a single picture and I guessed that the model might checkout this thread anyways and would find the photo
  13. [TR] Icicle Creek - Various 3/31/2007

    Some girl climbing Midway on CR
  14. Trip: Mt Hood - Reid HW Date: 12/31/2006 Trip Report: Words to come, pics first
  15. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 12/31/2006

    I got good feeling no money can buy I think it's nice seeing some local names in NYT
  16. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 12/31/2006

    NY times article http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/20/sports/othersports/20outdoors.html?_r=1&re
  17. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 12/31/2006

    I would not worry about friend being bored I suspect it's him (see this TR): He came back to the car 3 hours before us to have beer. Not sure who had more challenging day
  18. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 12/31/2006

    about 10k
  19. Backcountry Huts / Yurts in Northwest Cascades

    what are the rules of using the lookouts? I assume no permits of any kind are required?
  20. [TR] Mt Hood - Reid HW 12/31/2006

    Thanks Oleg, that is basically a TR Next time if we go this route again, I would bring the rope but wait with roping up till the real need. I expected more amounts of less stable snow and shittier ice but it was quite the opposite. I regret we did not make more shots of the action, but we were sort of in a hurry for two reasons: Pete was waiting in the car and I had to be in Seattle before midnight (which I barely managed to do).
  21. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    from the article: "The phone continues to register a signal with the carrier, T-Mobile, though no one has tried to use it, Wampler said." This is a good sign. Phone would turn off within few minutes if the battery gets cold. It's amazing though that the bettery still runs - my cell phone works at max 6-7 days if always on and I do not talk on it.
  22. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    According to the news video ( http://www.katu.com/news/4905801.html?video=YHI&t=a ) the last phone call was from the north side: The diameter of the circle is 500m
  23. Climb: Improbable Traverse Date of Climb: 8/12/2006 Trip Report: Oleg and I climbed impro.. eeh.. Brownish Traverse last Sat. Pins are still there, route has lots of loose rock everywhere except the travserse pitch. Met goatboy and co on the lunch ledge. Nice meeting you guys, still owe you pics from my camera Oleg sees the traverse Oleg approaches the crux traverse At the second crux, finding the "two easy miles down to the car"...
  24. [TR] - Improbable Traverse 8/12/2006

    I was thinking about ice, actually. May be Kautz or Edmunds. Trying to scramble some time for WR Stuart, all these dreams )