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  1. That rock is like closed, like keep out!
  2. Maybe your bf can eliminate the raps! I'm not really expecting a second descent (even with the raps) anytime soon. Prove me wrong. Josh K says it aint that bad....
  3. hey fatswaller, I just ran into Billy BT, says he'e moving to 11worth, somewhere in the icicle, island I think he said
  4. a nice looking book. One question, who is knob queen?
  5. yea right. try the direct N. Butt of triumph if you want yo ass wiped fool.
  6. fat and greasy, fat an gresy. You are so lucky you didn't die up there.
  7. not as big as Bob Crawford's, who named the route. something to do with the girth of his penis, which is rumored to be extraordinary.
  8. It's a look babe, you should probably get used to it, and try not to be so rough.
  9. skanky manky deep wet, nobody has a bigger stick than big bad bob.
  10. I am sure that 12, or maybe 13 are the very most possible. 13 could be unlucky.
  11. Silly Dick, how ya been man? How long you around?
  12. Thanks WTA. Why close access to trails? Now from reading the article by Kevin G. it seems like the WTA might like to see grizley bears in the midfork. get real.
  13. Has anyone experienced or heard about pick breakage with the Cobra's? Anyone know anything?
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