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    moved to portland :)'
  1. Route recomendations for Thanksgiving?

    this guy needs a guide...and some luck with the weather. the next thing he'll troll for...is a partner. wonder what others have planned for november climbing objectives. anyone want to offer some perspective?
  2. Posting Funny Photos Without Getting Banned *DELETED*

    why delete the thread...just delete cactus2clouds...
  3. Moderate Speed Moderation TR

    i've sworn off wearing faux furs...but this minxy is betta than the real thing. grrrrrrrr......
  4. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    faster than me? haha...i nawder first... quite tasty indeed.
  5. Icicle Canyon 4/24-25

    fenderfour thanks fer da warning, fender
  6. ATTN: Photographers

  7. Hey Fairweather

    let's remember "the truth" of whatever one looks at, truly depends on the person presenting it. a good example are the Holocaust revisionists they go on and on, and think of a number of ways to explain "the truth" as the rest of us know it. left or right, it's a viewpoint that can be twisted when controlled by maligned people with hidden agendas. speaking of twisted truth....
  8. Lynx in the Oregon cascades?

    interesting suff, there bill. a mouthfull. once saw a cougar near packwood...man, they got long tails. 'bout ol'greg's comment... almost sounds like the stuff - used to say 'bout his dog. anyone got any photo of a lynx in the wild?
  9. Bear Sighting on Si

    do i geta use two er four feet?
  10. Bear Sighting on Si

    actually...now that i'm thinking 'bout it, the race goes from i think the bridge, until ya touch the haystack at the base.
  11. Bear Sighting on Si

    JGowens... nice work, dude. now...where the trail starts...could be where?? at the parking lot?? at the bridge??? just up from the bridge, where the trail splits off from the walking loop?? i've always started at the bridge, and timed all the way through the rocks, to the saddle, just before the trail turns to the left up to the gully...leading up the haystack. there's a new switchback there now...and a bench. there was a mt. si race in late june. anyone know the fastest time? missed it this year. think the record is held by uli...something around 40-44 or sumthun like that. think they time from the bridge to the rocks, like jgowens.
  12. Newbie TR: Mount Hood via Standard Route

    f8...i'd have to agree with that. taking the idea to the limit...i guess that means if ya drive to the top of a peak, or fly up on a helo, you're also a peak bagger. is that right? at what point does the term "peak bagger" move away from a mountaineering context??
  13. Newbie TR: Mount Hood via Standard Route

    is this a new definition of a peak bagger?? i thought a peak bagger was generally one who climbed a lot of mountains, mostly by easier routes. not sure if taking the lift makes one a peak bagger, in and of itself (??). this guy's cool in my book. he admits he's taken the lift, and who cares if it's halfway or whatever. he had a great time...and paid the salary of some lift operators. he could have lied, or left out the lift assist part...is that a better approach?? i say
  14. Newbie TR: Mt. Adams, Mazama Glacier/South Climb

    nice work there braumeister! congrats!! i remember reading someplace where ol’ dan - reported about his adams “speed record ascent,” that there were 60 degree (!) slopes on the mazama glacier. for as many years as i’ve climbed that route, i can never remember SIXTY DEGREE SLOPES. The only way to find those kinds of steep slopes on the mazama glacier, is to purposely search out those little rolls and 4-8 foot places to spice things up—on purporse. But…to say there was SIXTY DEGREE SLOPES as a part of the route is just pure fiddle faddle…evidence in his own words that he hasn’t even climbed that flipp’in route—no less in record time. anyone been able to find -’s mt adams trip report? i found it once…but like many of the articles and info that - posted…these things are mysteriously disappearing off the net. what’s he got to hide?? http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=rainierinvestigation&Number=160685&page=&view=&sb=5&o=&fpart=3&vc=1
  15. This is NOT another sport vs trad debate!

    p SQUARED. a term of endearment, not a slam, pp.