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  1. rbw1966, the two headlamps were ours on the way to the reid. I saw you on the retreat from the 1st Gendy. Very surreal seeing that so far off. My ephedra adled partner came down with a touch of HACE at 9,300' so we bailed! I got nailed by an ice block going about 30 mph on the way up to Ill. Saddle. Got a nice strawberry from it.
  2. Winter Climbing

    I ain't saying don't to go but to be aware of as many contributing factors as possible.
  3. Winter Climbing

    This from http://www.science-frontiers.com/sf046/sf046p15.htm "Another precipitating factor may be the gravitational pull of the moon. In research published last year, Peter Lev of the Utah Highway Department found that based on a statistical study of moon and avalanche cycles in the Wasatch Mountains during the past 20 years, the chance of an avalanche's occurring on a full and new moon was 100 times greater than it is during other days in the lunar cycle."
  4. Winter Climbing

    While climbing during a full moon gives the benefit of night vision it has been said and exemplified that avalanch occurances tend to be more frequent during that period. Magnetic pull or something similar that a layman such as myself would never fully comprehend. The big Canook avie tragedy last year happened during a full moon.
  5. eliot glacier road

    anyone know if the road up to cloud cap is open this weekend? need to get my tools on some ice!
  6. Good weather

    yaw, iain. have ya been on the eliot hw this time of year? always wondered what'd be like... black ice yet shorter approach. what up?
  7. Westside conditions

    Iceslut and m'self went up to I. Saddle Tuesday morning for a Sandy Hdwl accent and found some unconsolodated, postholing to knees boolshyte. We ran in fear for our very livelyhood. We will return after the new snow has settled.
  8. Eliot Access

    Is the road up to Cloud Cap Inn is open, yo? Going to ski on up for some ice play tomorrow and would love to cut out the approach from Tilly Jane.