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  1. Wolf...ayhooooo...Rock

    I've gone on a peregrine fact finding mission and have found nesting pairs at the North Comb of the Honeycombs and the wild life spire at Jurassic Park.
  2. Southern Oregon

    There is enough to make you
  3. Southern Oregon

    Orton's Climbing SW Oregon is the most comprehensive guide to the area. Rock quality is generally crappy subsequently it's mostly bolted. Rattlesnake is a sport crag with stiff routes, if you don't like the ethic, don't go.
  4. Store in Roseburg, OR

    Yeah sure I'll give you a little
  5. Wolf...ayhooooo...Rock

    Mike McDonald says Hi! He dropped off his 6 CD set of HhgttG and got change to do his laundry.
  6. Store in Roseburg, OR

    Morning Glory Mountaineering 742 SE Jackson St Roseburg, OR 541-440-2288 I'm a rec.climber who was just turned on to this site by one of my customers, I like the forums and am sure I'll be a regular contributor. Thanks for reading my post. D
  7. Wolf...ayhooooo...Rock

    The peregrines haven't shown up yet, besides, there is no closure at McKinley Rock, just Wolf Rock. Go climb, if you hear a "cack cack cack" you'll know to back off.