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    Poor Snaffle...

  3. What Are You Going As?

    Haven't decided yet... I'm always a last minute costume person...
  4. Marriage

    Which one is Scott??
  5. Marriage

    You know... I don't think there has been ONE negative comment about marriage throughout this whole thread!!! Amazing!!!!
  6. Dru

    What happened to the nice cute alpine kitty? The new one is scarrryyyy!!!! Or did you just dress him up for Halloween?
  7. How come chat don't work??

    Me neither.
  8. $300 device changes red traffic lights to green

    This thread reminded me of the time I saw a firefighter fall off a fire engine when it made a sharp turn from main street onto a side street. The truck didn't stop and the dude just got up and started running. It was funny as shit!!!
  9. Marriage

    Naw, Muffy is ruled out... I thought she said she was 31 in a different thread??
  10. Well Done!

    Yeah, Minx.... Geez, you're losing your edge!
  11. Well Done!

  12. Marriage

    Fern said: Nope Ehmmic... right on time!
  13. Cough up the Trip Reports

    I take it back... I did some fun bouldering actually... and some bushwacking too. Good times.
  14. Cough up the Trip Reports

    No climbing this weekend... and still had the most incredible 3 days of my entire life!!!!!!!!!
  15. am i an asshole

    didn't erik already start a thread about that... ?
  16. am i an asshole

    Holy shit... you guys are spraying maniacs tonight!!!!!!!!!
  17. Real EXTREME sport

    I went to Detroit once... don't care to ever go back.
  18. Real EXTREME sport

    HEY! I'm from Michigan! Me too...
  19. Real EXTREME sport

    He's from Michigan. Whaddya expect?
  20. Tips

    Ahhh... just look at those beautiful chalky holds... How scenic.
  21. Tori Allen

    Female Athlete Triad...
  22. Trask -vs- J_B Thread

    You know what's funny? I don't know if I have ever read one of JBs posts before...
  23. am i an asshole

    I think in some cultures when someone dies it is more of a celebration of life rather than a sorrowful time. Of course mourning is necessary in any culture... but I think different people do it differently. I have no concrete examples, so please correct me if I am wrong...
  24. am i an asshole

    I agree Minx... just wrote a paper on death/dying and how our society treats it. Interesting subject!
  25. am i an asshole

    No. You're not an asshole. In a situation like this, even if I am not affected or don't care, I just try not to insult anyone who may be more emotionally connected. That's all I would recommend to you. You have every right in the world not to care... I just hope you, me, and everyone here never has to deal personally with a situation like this. Tho I'm sure some of us will/have...