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  1. Question for everyone out there...

    Umm... Muffy... using the word 'gives' in that statment gives it a different connotation than you might want. Perhaps Trask 'sends' good pms would be more appropriate...
  2. Question for everyone out there...

    If he sends that kind of stuff, and your posts are way worse than his most of the time, then I can just imagine what most of your PMs entail, Trask...
  3. these smilies make me think of

  4. these smilies make me think of

    I agree. But in a good way, Minx! Another vote for Muffy here Trask cuz that's my reaction to most of his posts! Erik... he always uses this one!? Cpt. Caveman. or Dru... cuz I never know what the hell he's talking about... Cracked. Too many to name me today cuz there is snow on the ground!!!!!
  5. Steam Room/Sauna/Hot Tub before workout?

    I would think that that a sauna may not be the best plan for warming up. It increases the blood flow to your skin so it can cool. I think this would be taking away blood flow to your muscles. I can not see a sauna increasing blood flow to muscles, as would happen during a regular warm up like a jog, etc. Which is what you REALLY need before a workout....
  6. Good ski schools for

    David, all I can say is that is totally great you taught your son yourself. I don't have any kids so maybe I have no business posting this, but... I would recommend a class/lesson over teaching you child yourself. I guess it may depend on the sport and the parent, but during my summers of teaching windsurfing, I have witnessed SO MANY battles between kids and parents of all ages if the parent tries to teach the kid. So just be forewarned... rather than pushing your kid, it might be best to let someone else do the work. They may listen better and not feel pressured to please you. Just another opinion! And like pretty much everyone has said... fun comes first, skills come second. Good luck!
  7. Question for everyone out there...

    I still haven't met you yet, Muffy!!! I personally like a little bit of anonimity on the internet. Because I mean, really, who knows what kind of people are on the other end of the screen? I guess on a site like this, where many people know eachother in person, its not such a big deal. But I still try to keep the details of my real life to myself. Tho I always use my real name with PMs... so I suppose I am contradicting myself... Who knows?!
  8. Denali by human power


    So did they win??
  10. Cracked

    Your avatar pic looks just like Timm@y's... Yer confusing me!! Can't ya get a new one?
  11. Cracked


    My dog keeps eating my soap whenever my roommate leaves the bathroom door open. Little shit.
  13. Cracked

    We can always start...
  14. the snow is sticking!

    No snow here.
  15. Race Car Ya-Yas

    I like the Stick Shifts and Safety Belts song...
  16. good eeeveninggg!

    I just made it up.. it is a majic pill that sorts the good eggs (men) from the bad ones So how do you tell if they're good or bad?? Do the men change colors after they take the pill or something??

    Ehmmic... shouldn't you be by now??!!
  18. Madam Opal

    Madame... Why is it that I love chocolate yet insist on taking the chocolate coating off of a Butterfinger before I eat it??
  19. Get Your Hate On!!!

    No hate!!! I love you all!!!

    Cheap ass. Don't you know $10 is the minimum for Birthdays??

    Have a great day, Ehmmic!!!!!
  22. Marriage

    Except for mine of course... For real... congrats on finding the perfect woman for ya!
  23. Marriage

  24. Marriage

    If you invite one cc.commer, don't you think it's only good ettiquette to invite the rest of us?? I can just see it now... "Honey, this is my uncle Trask"...