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  1. weird

    nah... it is one of two g/f's from russia. i cant tell which it is! wont even tell he hair color. Well as long as you've narrowed it down to two, it can't be that bad.... Better than having no idea whatsoever!
  2. Utah Powder

    Nice!!! I can't wait to get there... one month and counting...
  3. women rock- men feel free to post

    I agree Minx... Some women need the 'women only' deal, some are better off without it... If I'm with certain groups of women for a length of time, I find myself getting annoyed pretty quickly (even tho I teach women's clinics... what a hypocrite, huh?)... Actually in general I think I get along with males much better becaus they're so easy going. I also think that I tend to climb (or do any activity) better because I try to keep up with them... But either way, you're right on when you say its not the gender but the person.
  4. Guys Don't Rock! (men only thread)

    The same question can be asked for ANY sport, really... from my experience in teaching women's clinics, women often need a more supportive enviornment in order to learn and improve. If they're in a group with men, they feel pressured to perform at the level of the males. Some women just need a group they can bond with and who they feel comfortable around. Granted, this does not hold true for all women, this is just from my perspective as a windsurfing instructor...
  5. brand name babies

    From bbc online.. US babies get global brand names Americans are increasingly turning to the world of popular culture to name their children, a study has found. Children have been named after big brands as diverse as beauty company L'Oreal, car firm Chevrolet and designer clothes company Armani. There are even two little boys, one in Michigan and one in Texas, called ESPN after the sports channel. Psychology professor Cleveland Evans discovered the trend after surveying US social security records for 2000. Mr Evans, a professor at Bellevue University, Nebraska, has studied baby names in the US for 25 years. He has found that car models are a popular source of inspiration; 22 girls are registered as having the name Infiniti while 55 boys answer to Chevy and five girls to Celica. Seven boys were found to have the name Del Monte - after the food company - and no less than 49 boys were called Canon, after the camera. Designer firms and types of clothing were also well represented, with almost 300 girls recorded with the name Armani, six boys called Timberland and seven boys called Denim. In some cases it seems something else was on some parents' minds - six boys were named after Courvoisier cognac.
  6. Turkey Day...

    Goin' on a plane to try and pretend I'm a west coaster for a few days... Hopefully climb somewhere. And eat lots and lots. Especially mashed potatoes!
  7. climbing this weekend?

  8. Yoga

    Do it yourself! Buy a few books, take what you like from them, and do it when you have time. Works for me at least... (ClimbingH-Never tried tapes, so no comment there...Don't think I would like them tho. Something to do with mixing tv and yoga just clashes for me... )
  9. Hey, Scrambler!

    Agreed! But then you have to ask yourself... what in Spray does contribute to the content of this board?? Your personals thread Mr. E? Or my cupcake thread? Probably not! So I guess we all do our part to add to the nonsense once in a while (or all the time!)...
  10. Bummer dude

    The cupcakes I made taste like shit. Good thing I only bake like once a year...
  11. Bummer dude

    I suppose the positive aspect to all of this is that now I won't eat any of them!!!!! Trask take note: bake your own shitty cake rather than buying one and you wouldn't have that problem...
  12. Bummer dude

    I don't think anything could help these things....
  13. Do you ever...

    just feel like dancing??!!! I do.
  14. You know it's going to be a rough morning when...

    Another vote there...
  15. Do you ever...

    Park City, UT
  16. Do you ever...

    Nope, I'm at a little measly private school. But I'll be out west this winter and there should be something available there!!!
  17. Do you ever...

    Me too, Muffy. But hopefully I am going to this winter!!!
  18. Do you ever...

    mee too actually... Good to hear!!
  19. Do you ever...

    Naw, I'm just so happy in general I can't help but dance!!
  20. Weekend

    How was yours?? Mine was quite excellent!!!
  21. How many skis do you have?

    -2 pair classical cross country skis (waxable) -6 pair skate cross country skis -New pair of AT skis! in other words... too many!!!
  22. Weekend

    Naw, I was in Utah and it rocked!!!
  23. good news hommies

    He was here two weekends ago...
  24. What're Ya reading?

    About halfway through it right now...
  25. the city can be ok sometimes

    I have never lived in a *real* city... just little bitty ones. The big ones are fun to visit, but they get old to me after a day or so... But I guess I"ll have to learn, cuz I'll be living in one soon enough!