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  1. Job hunting for summer...

    Isn't softball a girl's game??
  2. Job hunting for summer...

    I hate job hunting.
  3. 4:00 AM

    Positives about waking up at 4... -The sunrise -Fresh coffee -You've got the road to yourself -You get to see the crazies at the Grocery store
  4. SWF seeks climbing partner/teacher

    This shit never gets old, does it? Nope, I'm out of the frozen Midwest finally!
  5. Ski Jump In Leavenworth?

    On a 20m jump you will have no problem on your alpine gear. I coach jumping, and we have kids here who are training full time on alpine gear because jump skis are so expensive. The main things are to keep your weight forward, and if you really want to impress some people, jump hard, straighten your legs in the air and flex your ankles as hard as you can. Have fun!!
  6. No fucking fun without that fence-fucker trask...

    Trask is gone??! So sad...
  7. DONE!!!!!

    With college!!!! Forever!!!!!!! Or at least till I feel like going back for grad school....
  8. Stretching?

    1. Stretching most definitely will improve your flexibility, no matter how fossil-like you think you are... 2. Most people recommend stretching a minimum 2-3 days a week. But the higher your weekly frequency the faster you will see improvement of range of motion... Like 4-5 days a week. And like someone else said, hold it for at least 20 seconds. 3. Don't do anything that hurts acutely. I would try and avoid anything that twists your knee (ie. hurdlers stretch) or hips in an awkward way... A kinesiology professor I had a few years ago claimed there were only 3 stretches you ever had to do... Still not sure if I agree with that, but they are all good stretches. 1 - Sitting V-stretch. Perhaps the most common stretch ever? Sit with your legs in a v, lean your body forwards trying to keep your back flat. 2 - Hip flexor stretch. Lunge forward with one leg, keeping your body upright. Your front knee should not extend over your toes. Lunge lower till you feel a strech on the hip of the back leg. 3 - Shoulder flexor stretch. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you arms at your sides. keep walking your hands farther behind you and closer to eachother until you feel a stretch in your shoulders... Happy Stretching!!!! ps - I like yoga better than stretching... try it out!
  9. DONE!!!!!

    sorry this was supposed to be in spray!!! help please moderators!!!!
  10. It's amazing...

    How much more school work I get done when I log off of cc.com and actually DO something!!!?
  11. Fleece Vests?

    Whatever happened to the good ol' snot rocket??!
  12. I have the flu....

    I'm just getting over the flu. It sucked. Hope you feel better soon, Sisu!!
  13. minx as maderator

    I think adding some more female blood to the mix of moderators is a great idea. Thanks Fern and Minx!! (and anyone else if I forgot you...)
  14. Fleece Vests?

    I wear one all the time when I go x-c skiing... Guess I gotta find some new more trendy attire!!? Damn.
  15. Ladies, your dream has come true

    Desperation is setting in, huh??
  16. LOng Weekend!!

    My long weekend started last Thursday and ends next Tuesday...
  17. giving thanks

    I have so many things to be thankful for I don't even know where to start!!!
  18. giving thanks

    Can anyone guess which 2 posters haven't gotten laid for a while??
  19. Drivers Education stories

    When I was taking my drivers test, I noticed that my tester was quite annoyed and looked a little jumpy. I thought it was my driving so I was trying extra had to make sure I did everything correctly. Well, I was so busy focusing on staying between the lines and using my turn signal that I didn't realize we were being followed by another car the whole time. Finally, the tester made me pull over in a parking lot and the car behind us pulled over too. He made me stay in the car while he went out to talk to them. I could hear him yelling, etc and needless to say I was quite confused as to what was going on. He got back in the car and the other car drove off. I come to find out that all the foreign students from the college in town always tried to follow the tester around while he was giving the test so they could memorize the route and pass... And almost all of them STILL fail on the first try!!!
  20. For Runners

    Do you have a dog? Take it with you. If I take my dog I tend to forget about how much running sucks... Besides, dogs get sooo damn excited, how could you disappoint them and not take them with??
  21. Banff Mountain Film Fest

  22. Banff Mountain Film Fest

    It can't be worse than the TWO films about competitive cross-country skiing. I have always preferred seeing two X-C ski films rather than just one...keeps the rush going for longer. Just because you can't appreciate the athleticism and skill it requires doesn't mean that everyone feels the same way.....
  23. I have the stoke!

  24. we're talking about you...

    What did I ever do to any of you??