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  1. What's For Lunch?

    Mmmm... Open face ham sandwich w/ swiss and tomatoes on a sourdough roll. I broiled it to melt the cheese. Grapes. Cranberry juice.
  2. mtb's - enduro v. dawg?

    Haven't ridden the Enduro, but the Dawg is fun! I ended up getting a Kona Kikapu deluxe, but the dawg can sure rally. I went with the kikapu b/c of weight and I don't think I'll ever get rad enough to need 5" of travel. Have fun!
  3. Bulo Point

    Oh and yes, some of the anchors can be reached to set up top ropes.
  4. Bulo Point

    You can camp right on top. Beautiful sunrises!
  5. Earthquake!

    5.2. My first! Scary!
  6. Earthquake!

    Tahoe. Whaddya think, is there a Tsunami on the way?
  7. Mike's Ice Cream! Nice!
  8. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Now that would just be mean.
  9. This board is silly

    http://www.mtbohemia.com/home.html Ah, the midwest. Home of less than 1000ft vertical. This place has some steep terrain, albeit short. They also have 'extreme backcountry'. Heh. The real kicker is women ski free, all day every day!
  10. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    This has been F-ing hilarious!!
  11. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Go to 'My Home' then click on 'My Cookies' and then 'disable cookies' or whatever that button says. I think.
  12. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    I don't think anyone is arguing that with you... I agree 100%.
  13. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Hey chaps you forgot the
  14. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Yup. It would be even funnier if the good ol boys were still around.
  15. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    They're callin you guys out!
  16. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    The ongoing chess game is pretty funny. http://www.minnesotaclimbing.com/index.p...asc&start=0
  17. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Oh no those poor people... A flurry of cc.com posters. They're not going to know what hit them.
  18. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Cobra Commander's been to the Minnesota State Fair! Don't forget about the fried cheese curds...
  19. backcountry AT skis

    Something similar to the Atomic R:EX but backcountry specific is the TM:EX, it will be the Kongur for next year. I'm not sure on the downhill specific model however. My absolute favorite backcountry ski is the BD Havoc. Awesome ski for me, tho I am fairly light and only moderately agressive. The BD Crossbow is a stiffer but narrower ski, I have found that heavier and/or more agressive skiers prefer this one, at least in harder snow pack. Havocs definitely float better in powder though. I agree with Iain(ps. I miss the dinosaur avatar!) that many people use alpine skis for backcountry and vice versa. Weight is the main difference. Whatever you are comforable on is what you should be skiing.
  20. best of cc.com Wanted - Belayer!

    Damn! There's a kid on there who still has my MN/North Shore guidebook. Punk!!!
  21. summer job?

    Question: Does walking on someone's back (as in the pic on pg 1) really do anything and is it safe?
  22. truck topper security

    I've found that if you roll the truck a couple times, make it look really beat up, no one thinks you have anything good in there anyways!
  23. Dear Car Talk...

    My truck has so many rattles I don't think they will all ever go away... On a side note I get a kick out of people who try to imitate the noises of their cars on the radio.
  24. I need a tree image!

    Hey, does anyone have a good image (preferreably black and white) of a tree? A cedar tree. Or evergreen. I can't find what I'm looking for on Google. Thanks much! AG edit: (I can't believe I forgot him!)