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  1. Vadez ice conditions?

    Anyone happen to know what the ice is like this time of year in Keystone? thanks mike
  2. I know about Hyalite, Provo canyon and can rockies but I don't consider the Banff area good bc skiing except maybe Roger Pass which is a little too far and scary this year. What about the Tetons, any good ice routes there other than alpine routes? Cody has great ice but can't think of any skiing nearby except Red Lodge maybe.
  3. I'm driving out from the UP soon and would like to stop at cody for some ice climbing. I lead pretty solid IV and on a good day can do V but would like to do any long III or IV routes. Might stop in Hyalite on way to Glacier and Canadian Rockies. I should have about two months and will be looking for some skiing too.