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  1. WTB: Campus Rungs

    Thanks Anton, I gotta go with wood rungs i'm thinking.
  2. Index is fully world class (minus the south facing orientation), nonetheless my favorite Washington crag is without a doubt the immaculate Colchuck Balanced Rock: Worth noting that this pic is missing four routes (from L to R): Let it Burn, Accendo Lunae, The Free Range, and The Honey Badger.
  3. For Sale: Used, but plenty of life left in it. Package deal only. PM for inquiries. Will post photos soon. Burton Splitboard Custom S 168 Voile Hardware/Karakoram Nose/Tail Clips Spark R/D Splitboard Specific Bindings Voile Tractor Skins $625/OBO $575 $475
  4. BUMP for reduced price (see first post)
  5. Will do. If I wasn't heavily invested in other non-profit work I would be psyched to work on the NWMJ. Somebody('s) should step up!! Thanks Lowell and all the others who have crafted these exceptional Journals in the past!
  6. Pics: One of the last missions the board went on, Black Hole Couloir, Bandit PK:
  7. As previously mentioned.. some FA's to add to this list, perhaps this will be motivation for me to get the blog going again: The Honey Badger, Colchuck Balanced Rock, 5.10+ C2+ with Jimbo Shokes and Kurt Hicks Gorillas Direct, Mt Stuart - West Face Wall, 5.11- with Jens Holsten and Mark Westman Captain Kangaroo, Kangaroo Tower - 5.10+ with Blake Herrington and Scott Bennett Previously mentioned on TAY and already on the list: Mimir's Price, The Witches Tit (Witches Tower), 5.10+ C1 with Ryan Daudistel
  8. Washington Bolt Replacement

    Lots of good bolts in Ltown but on many of the harder routes some serious mank. Just a few that could use some upgrading: RPM P1 Stevens Pass Motel Dagoba System Gullivers Travels Mastadon Roof Anchors
  9. Self-Taught Mountaineers

    fully self-taught and for many years with no mentor
  10. I thought it was a well written article and was surprised on jeremy jones's conservative attitude. good stuff.
  11. Ice in Leavenworth!

    Drury has been climbed a number of times this week and reportedly has had the best conditions in many years with the local ice-monkeys calling it a casual romp. Starting to warm up in town here prolly just a couple days left to get some. Me, well, ive been making sweet love to my hangboard.
  12. Wanted: TLT 5 Size 28

    Looking for some used TLT 5's, size 28. The more used and beat up the better, would go up or down half a size. Thanks!
  13. Wanted: TLT 5 Size 28

    Looks like a find a good deal on some barely used TLT 6's. Thanks all!
  14. Anybody address this issue with the Access Fund or WCC? They are the professionals..
  15. I always figured that route to be a classic canadian sandbag. Nice work! Have you been on the north face of Viennese Marc? I'm more attracted to that face.
  16. One of the best! Thanks for the video!
  17. WTB OLD crashpads

    Craigslist some free mattresses
  18. Icicle Vandals

    WOW, pretty unbeliveable! Thanks for posting this up Viktor. I think it's obvious that there is cultural barrier in ethics in place here. Seems like the a two part approach would be best in this situation. 1. Figure out who these guys are, educate them on the proper ethical treatment of the rock. Any leads from Seattle folks? I gotta imagine these folks hit up the gyms to do their speed climbing thing. 2. Clean off the paint. Anybody know how to do this? I'm off of work for the next five days and would be happy to help out. Please shoot me a PM if anyone needs a hand. The climbing rangers are furloughed along with 99.9% of the local USFS employees.
  19. climbing this week

    pretty snowy in the mtns right now. I imagine w ridge of prusik would go but it would be snowy and cold. just sayin..
  20. Welcome Leavenworth Climbing Rangers

    While the accusatory speculations from some on this thread are frustrating, overall I think this discussion is very important and there is some great points that have been presented. I think it is absolutely crucial that the FS know that there are many folks concerned that a Climbing Ranger program will restrict access and cause increased user fees in the WRRD. This was my first statement at the Roundtable discussion. Again, I will state, the Leavenworth Mountain Association had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of a Climbing Ranger Program in Leavenworth. We first learned of this program during our Icicle Clean-Up event in April from a ranger we had invited to give a Leave No Trace practices talk. To date the LMA has attended one meeting with the rangers in the WRRD, the Roundtable Discussion. I am quite proud of the work the Leavenworth Mountain Association has done up to this point. We are a diverse group of 11 individuals, who have been working hard, for free, to create a education based non-profit. I am happy to clarify, why we came together, what we have done thus far, and what we plan on doing in the future. We are not a membership organization, our events and clinics are open to all. We originally came together in the Fall of 2011 in an effort to create a local indoor climbing space, which remains our main goal. Mission Statement: Leavenworth Mountain Association's mission is to foster safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious mountain recreation through the establishment of high quality educational programs and the development of community resources for youth and adults in the Greater Wenatchee Valley. Past projects: We have hosted a number of mountain sports related slideshows, movies, and potlucks to inspire, educate, and connect the local community. This past winter we conducted a Snow Safety Education Series which included two Avalanche Awareness Clinics from NWAC, a Companion Rescue Clinic, and a Tour Planning Clinic. In April we hosted the first annual Icicle Creek Clean-Up in which we collected and disposed of trash/waste from along the Icicle and Tumwater canyons as well as a Leave No Trace educational presentation by the WRRD, and a BBQ/Raffle. LMA has partnered with the Leavenworth Ski Hill in securing an Avalanche Beacon Practice Park from BCA, which, when it arrives, will be implemented locally to give the community a free and convenient place to practice companion beacon rescue. Most recently LMA participated in a Castle Rock trail upgrade spearheaded by the WCC and Access Fund. Future Goals: We have a variety of short term and long term goals for the LMA. Largest on the list is a Community Center, open to all, including an indoor climbing facility, mountain based pre-school, library, presentation space, mountain/dirt bike pump track, ski-tuning work area, and community activities space. Along with that we plan on creating a Youth Climbing Team/Club/Camps. In a step towards our greater goal of creating a Community Center we are striving to open an indoor community climbing space by Winter of 13-14. We will continue our Winter Snow Safety Education Series annually with the exciting addition this year of scholarships for free and/or reduced Level 1 Avalanche Education Courses. Furthermore, the LMA has plans to create a traveling High School/Middle School presentation focusing on outdoor recreation as a means to combat youth obesity, diabetes, depression, and bullying. The LMA will continue to host our community events as well as the Annual Icicle Clean-Up. Finally, the LMA is excited to work with the USFS, AAC, WCC, and Access Fund in improving access and sustainability to outdoor pursuits in the Leavenworth area. Website: http://leavenworthma.blogspot.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeavenworthMA
  21. Lost: Castle Rock Sunday 9/22

    No luck John, sorry man.