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  1. Winter Routes on Shasta

    Im not so much interested in walking along a ridge with loose rotten volcanic rock, me no likey! How is the north side of Shasta for some technical moves and how is the approach to get to the north side?
  2. partner for a climb

    Well if i knew you guys were looking for people to accompany you I would have loved to join!!! I would have even skipped class on wed! What was it like up there, windy?
  3. St. Helens climb/ski

    Climbed via Worm Flows route Saturday the 8th. There was no snow at Marble Mt. Snow Park (no surprise for this year) and there wasnt much snow untill you break out of tree line. The snow was pretty soft at the lower elevations but got pretty icey towards the summit, snowboarders and skiers were having a tough time, crampons are recommended. On the way down the sun had softened most of the ice so that steps could be kicked at least a little for some footing.
  4. Mt. Adams S. side conditions

    I was down there about a couple weeks ago and there was about a foot or two of snow down at Trout Lake and the forest road was completely snowed in from where it turned off of the plowed paved road. I think from the beginning of the road to the trailhead the mileage is about 12 miles (then you gotta add the 7 or so miles from the trailhead to the summit). I would think St. Helens would be a better choice for some turns in terms of accesibility (unless you would like to walk the 12miles up the road to the trailhead).
  5. Mt. Hood

    How is the Hogsback route on Mt. Hood for a winter quickie, and what should I expect for upper mountain conditions this time of year?