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  1. Mt Olympus

    Well winter is pretty much over... did anyone go for it?? Or is anyone planning on heading up to Olympus this spring, assuming spring doesn't totally suck for weather like it usually does?
  2. Hahaha.... if we make enough cash, we could set up in the crater on Rainier.... (wow, i think i'm taking this too far......)
  3. TTT, if you bring enough to share/sell I'll give you 10% of my cut!
  4. I'm thinkin' the next time I go up Si, i'll take a couple flats of pop and an 8' table and set up on the top and charge 2bucks per soda..... good workout and I'll make some bank... anyone wanna help??
  5. I got there relatively early - 7ish, so I caught the gaper show on the way down. It wasn't just the plastics and giant packs some of these folks had, but full alpine regalia complete with helmets, ice axes, and one dude with - I shit you not - wands!! .. but hey, if I wasn't such a gaper myself I would have been somewhere other than si. My calculations included... Plastics: 2 (Gotta break them in sometime right?) Helmets: 2 (Probably for the Haystack) Axes: 10 (Don't wanna slip on the muddy trail!! And besides they look so friggin' cool!!) Shovels: 2 (Lets make an igloo!!) WANDS: 2!!!!!! (I don't want to get lost... SHEESH!) Honestly tho... if you wanted to carry the weight wouldn't be easier to take a bunch of water and then drain it all on the top to save your knees?? I refuse to beleive these people actually think they NEED this gear, but are going for the workout (like me). I'm not a fan of weight... I'd rather go fast and light and go up and down a couple times rather than carrying 50 or 60lbs on my back.
  6. Mt. Buckindy

    I was surfing around on the internet... looking at Topo maps (the weather has been horrible so cut me some slack!) and I came across Mt. Buckindy in the Glacier Peak area. I have asked around and researched the area a bit and was wondering if anyone here on CC had climbed it or knew anything about it. Its been pretty hard to find any information on the area (which is part of its intrigue). I was thinking about camping down in the basin for a couple days and climbing around there, so any beta would be great! Thnx. ------- Dulton
  7. Mt. Buckindy

    Where does the trail to Bench lake start from? Does it follow the ridgeline? How did the traverse look from Bench Lake over to Buckindy? Thnx for all the help!
  8. I am attempting the south face of the Haystack on Mt. Si... hoping for some good ice.... mmmm, probably more like walking up Si and getting soaked traversing across to Teneriffe.... doesn't that sound like fun?? D'OH!
  9. climbing anywhere over 03/21-03/31

    I'm flying down to Palm Desert on the 19th.... and hoping to go play in Jtree!! Maybe I'll see you down there!! Woohoo for spring break!
  10. Mt. Buckindy

    Wow, thanks for the report!
  11. Mt. Buckindy

    What was the climb like on the summit block (class)? What did you take for equipment?
  12. Mt. Buckindy

    I've already got plenty secret fly spots, thanks tho! With that said, how is the traverse from Green Mt. over to Buckindy and would it be easier earlier in the season before the snow melts out?
  13. Bouldering in Palm Desert

    Does anybody know any places to go bouldering in Palm Desert (close to Palm Springs, Cali)? And what the snow conditions are like on the higher (10-12K foot peaks) in south cali? Im heading down there for Spring Break with my roomate and want to do some conditioning on the higher elv. peaks in the area and play on some boulders. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!
  14. Bouldering in Palm Desert

    Great stuff man, thanks for the info!! ------- Dulton
  15. St. Helens Conditions

    Xtreem sledding!! Sounds like a new sport to me. Has anyone ever heard of a tobogan descent of Hood or maybe even Rainier?? You think I'm joking don't you!
  16. Hood -South Route

    Going to take advantage of this quick weather window and run up the south route on Hood (sunday-monday). I just wanted to know what the shrund looked like on the Hogsback, thnx.
  17. Hood -South Route

    Sorry bout' jumping to conclusions... i was not in the best of moods when i read that, having just returned from 48hrs of no sleep, 12 of which i spent in sub 0 temps and high winds overnight on Hood and opting out of a summit attempt because we were just miserable. So sorry about that . About the shoes.... we didn't need them after about 9k, and if you stick to the groomed runs you could prolly boot it all the way up (we saw a couple people who booted it all the way up carrying their crampons). Didn't use shoes on the descent because of the inconsistent windspread snow. Hope that helps
  18. Hood -South Route

    Ya thanks, we do have snowshoes, and brought them (like those with common sense) its sad that you can't take a joke... hmmmmmmmmm Maybe you were joking too........ hmmmmmm (thanks for making me feel stupid tho, cant get enough of that)
  19. Hood -South Route

    Alright, you can kick steps for us!!! (probably more like posthole)
  20. Hood -South Route

    HAHAHA.... and be sure to tell them to start the rescue effort if we're not back by 8:31pm on Monday night!
  21. Hood -South Route

    What days are you planning on climbing?
  22. Hood -South Route

    Woo Hoo!
  23. partner for a climb

    Congrats on the winter ascent, sounds like you guys had a good time. Looks like you had awsome weather too (a balmy 25 degrees!?).
  24. Mt Olympus

    If there was any year to do Olympus in the winter it would be this one!!! I might even like to give it a go! I say GO FOR IT!