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  1. Spring Routes

    Thanks for all the great beta! I have Catbird's TR from his Gib Ledges ascent this year and I'm looking that over too. With the snow this year is the "Ingram Headwall" (described by Becky) doable, or would it be better to go up towards the top of Dissapointment or to the climbers left above Gibralter?
  2. Spring Routes

    friggin' hillarious!!
  3. MUIR

    well the gate was going to close at 8pm and i had to work that night too......
  4. Punctured Lung Question

    Thanks for all the information! I'm glad to hear that it is probably not altitude related, he's recovering pretty well too so that is GREAT! Thanks agian!
  5. MUIR

    last one i promise!!
  6. MUIR

    another..... (theres gotta be a better way.....)
  7. MUIR

    Here's another....
  8. MUIR

    Pictures courtesy of Nathan Obergon......
  9. MUIR

    I have some pretty nice pics if you guys wanna see em' but i'm an idiot when it comes to computers and i don't know how to post them... i think the file size is too large.. what do i do?
  10. MUIR

    Headed down to Paradise to do the slog up to Muir for some conditioning and to check out the Gib Ledges route. The snow at Paradise has finally caught up to the average snow-pack, I think there was about 13 feet at Paradise so it seemed that Gib Ledges still could be in season and might be for a couple more weeks. The gate opened around 8am (an hour earlier than usual) and the drive up to Paradise was a little icy at spots but pretty good otherwise. Started out under blue skies with an approaching front from the east. The snow up to Pan Point was fairly well consolidated and the winter route was in pretty good condition. There have been many slides over the last few days (mostly wet slides), but if you go early enough the snow is hard enough that it isn’t a problem. Didn’t really need snowshoes the whole way although they would have been nice to have below Pan Point on the descent after the sun had softened up all up. About 1:30pm the clouds that had been approaching finally reached it to the snowfield and as they moved across small-scale whiteouts settled in. We made it to Muir around 2pm and the snow was still in good shape. One person made it up there before us (a skier) and we met a first-timer up there named Jim and he tagged along with our group. We descended after an hour or so up at Muir through the clouds again… the snow started to fall on us and the wind picked up from the south. Made it beneath the clouds and the snow was still falling (even though the temps were way above freezing… 38 degrees?). Other day hikers had turned around because of the deteriorating weather, after I gave some crazy confused directions on how to use a compass to a couple of guys (one who was planning on doing Denali in a year I think) we continued to descend. The snow was horrible for glissading (although Greg brought a little flexible sled thing and he got some good runs in on that thing as we watched and trudged downward L), I imagine that it would have been great skiing or snowboarding on the way down tho! I met a five man team heading up to Muir who were planning on doing the Ledges in the next day, I thought it was a little late to head up to Muir and the weather wasn’t looking promising, but WHATEVER! Made it down to the car in about 2 hours and realized that we forgot the sunscreen DOH!! We all got pretty burned, so that wasn’t fun. When we got to the car we had a car full of people from Chicago who didn’t seem to understand that we had only gone half way up the mountain and interviewed us for their personal home video as the people who “conquered the mountain” hmmm, that was a little strange but we got a good laugh from it on the drive back. One question for y’all… one of our group (who had never been up to 10k feet before) came back and is suffering from a punctured lung. Is this from the fact that he had never been at that altitude or something else, he wasn’t pressure breathing or anything like that, I just feel bad because Greg and I were moving fairly fast and he was pushing himself pretty hard and have never been up that high before. Hope that’s enough beta for ya! All in all it was a fun trip and good conditioning, hoping to go back in a couple weeks and complete the Gib Ledges, i'm hoping those guys that were heading up there post their TR somewhere (their from Minnesota tho!).
  11. MUIR

    these days the days seem to run together, i think its withdrawls from climbing.... DARN school!!!
  12. MUIR

    Going up tomorrow... (Friday), to check out Gib Ledges or maybe ID, and of course to whip my butt into shape.... I'll let you know.
  13. Do you have a climbing dependancy?

    is how i feel when i can't be in the mountains...... and and is how i feel when i am in the mountains.... I'm searching for good bouldering routes and first ascents on my school's campus... yea, i think i have a dependancy....
  14. TR - North Gardner

    maybe a shell too...............
  15. Enigma Gully

    Has anyone been up the Enigma Gully recently? Thinking about going up that route this weekend and was wondering how much snow was in the gully. Hmmmm, maybe if the avy conditions aren't too bad we'll make the first descent of the Enigma in a Tobogan P.S. Does anyone know any good tricks for stopping a Tobogan on a 50 degree slope??
  16. Anyone interested in climbing in the gym this week

    it looks like those guys have been too much.... its all good at least they know how to have a good time!!
  17. TR - North Gardner

    Nice job! Sounds like a pretty sweet trip, what did you bring for gear?
  18. Enigma Gully

    OK.....has anyone been up the Slot Coulior route recently and if you have, what was the snow like?
  19. Enigma Gully

    Wow i never really thought of that.... I'm sure he'd be willing to "take one for the team"
  20. Enigma Gully

    DANG!! I thought i was being all creative too..... Sorry bout' the name too, I knew it was also called Slot Couliort but Enigma sounds so cool!! Honestly tho, has anyone been up there recently? Hows the snow?
  21. Just moved to WA, looking to connect.

    I doubt you'll have trouble finding a partner, what are you looking to climb?
  22. moving to WA too

    I think y'all scared her away.....
  23. Anyone interested in climbing in the gym this week

    Stone Gardens on Sat.... woowooo
  24. weekend TRIPS

    Climbing in the gymn on Saturday and going up to Bellingham area to climb on Sunday.... me like dry......
  25. Mt Olympus

    ....i had that one coming....