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  1. wtf

    The mounties are taking over the country!
  2. Altitude drugs

    Has anyone else tried using Ginkgo Biloba Extract, did it help?

    deja vu!!!! edit: http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/314921/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1
  4. One day at the fair. . .

    First its Bush as a woman and now this.... where's the can???
  5. Training climbs for Liberty Ridge?

    The North Face of Shuksan gets to be about 45 or 50 degrees in some places if you wanted to get used to the exposure without the factor of altitude.
  6. A bit disturbing, but...

    gonna loose my breakfast
  7. Did someone say Mounties????

    I would kill for a fanny pack like his!
  8. Mt. Si - Saturday 2/28

    You go with?
  9. bowline vs fig 8

    bowline with a yos finnish.... its not huuuge like the fig8, easy to untie after loaded, easy to tie, and its pretty obvious if you do it wrong. If its comming untied easily why not finnish with a clove hitch at the end, that would keep it from untying (if your worried about that, I've never had it untie before). My 2cents
  10. [TR] Mt. Hood- Wy-East 2/20/2004

    Don't you have school or somethin' like that .... Nice work dood wish I were there
  11. Sweet pics dood, it was an awsome day no doubt, it was fun to see you up there
  12. Descent via Gib Ledges

    Well I'm definetaly gonna try a snowboard descent of Gib Chute then, sounds sweet!! Just gotta get done with this stuff called studying Skyclimb you in???
  13. Descent via Gib Ledges

    Would skiing down the Gib Chute be practical/safe/fun?? That would really make the descent a quick one! Edit: Has anyone here done that?
  14. Anyone attempt Rainier yet this Winter?

    Anyone going next week? Looks like the weather is going to set up pretty nice. I'm thinking about it even though I have mid-terms next week, but probably can't get my partner to go, he's not like me..... hmmmm. I'll be heading down to Paradise Saturday or Sunday for some snowshoein', maybe I'll get a glimps of Gib Ledges. Someone better get after it next week!!!
  15. FS: BD prophets

    You could go to Japan or some foreign nation and sell your testicles
  16. Lib Ridge gear/planning questions....

    Thanks for the beta. I've never been on that side of the mountain, so the route finding issues (to me) are pretty daunting. I don't mind the 5K gain at such a high altitude, but as you described the Carbon it would just seem a heck of a lot easier and safer (no time crunch) to just head to Thumb Rock. I guess navigating the Carbon is pretty much going to depend on the snowpack and the temps.
  17. Lib Ridge gear/planning questions....

    Yeah, I meant Thumb Rock (my bad). Would you then suggest staying at the base of Curtis Ridge and going for the summit the next day even though it would be a really long summit day? Thanks for the info.
  18. Lib Ridge gear/planning questions....

    How hard is it to get a bivy spot at Turtle Rock during a nice weather window in May?
  19. Lib Ridge gear/planning questions....

    yup, its true.... most of the goodies are gone I believe
  20. Mt. St. Helens conditions

    Expect lots of snow, shoes or skis.
  21. Anyone gonna make some turns on the snowfeild on Sat?? Snow is here ON!!!
  22. RE: your future of climbing on Rainier

    Well Jason M. had it right on...
  23. RE: your future of climbing on Rainier

    You sound like a veteran!! The RMI response sounds like FUD. Download the attachment and scroll down to page 36
  24. gregory denali pro

    I had a Denali Pro, but I sold it to get a smaller lighter pack. I took it up Rainier a bunch of times and it worked great except for the extra weight. Although, I've never had a pack that carried heavy loads better, I would say the best expedition pack out there simply for its comfort and HUUUGE capacity.
  25. where to climb in WA?

    nice try, WA is the little weak sister of BC OREGON IS KING All I can do is just laugh at that....