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  1. Hey Jose, We know who you are. You're divot, icefall and crampon. We also know that you don't live in Longmire and that in reality, you're desperate for understanding and attention. Hey, we understand, we get that way too. That's why cc.com invented other forums. Next time, I suggest that you start your attention seeking spray-thread in Cafe' Sensitivioso. You may get a warmer reception.
  2. I just knit a wool sweater on my way up if the weather changes.
  3. Charging for rescue is bad public policy! Using Europe as a model wont work. We have a different public standard of liability. The county should be promptly sued after charging for their first rescue. Lawyers will pick apart the rescue, and question every decision that the rescue managers make; especially decisions that increase the cost of the rescue. The question could easily be asked; did the SAR managers do too much, or too little? If they do too much and over react, BONG! "Hey, I didn't ask for a helicopter, I just needed some help getting down the trail b/c I sprained my ankle." If they do too little and someone becomes more injured or dies, BONG! "Why didn't you do MORE to help my little Johnny? Now you're sending me a bill!" Suddenly, cost will be on the SAR manager's mind as much as the rescue. How does that sound?! Everyone has accidents; you could be next. If the county wants to be in the charging for SAR business (instead of relying on the volunteers and MAST) then it should expect suits. Defending one lawsuit will easily cost more than they recoup.
  4. If you draft a letter, post it here, and make it simple to collect public comment, you'll increase your response. Good work, but I'm not sure I like the idea of giving land to the USFS.
  5. As is commonly known, the wealthy can buy all the drugs and sex they want. It's a class war based on trumped up morals by hypocrites.
  6. That's a logical statement and I would agree with you. But I suspect that the NPS can get the money for the new land, but not necessarily for the maintenance.
  7. Good Grief Mr. Mtn Mouse, You are DEFINITELY Charlie Brown.
  8. Forgot to mention the snow... It was soften by the sun, but otherwise a firm crust was starting to form. North facing slopes are still quite powdery and nice! We couldn't make anything slide, but did notice some activity across the Nisqually.
  9. I'm jealous, Very nice! Wish I had more time off to play.
  10. What about that super hero Aquaman...
  11. Rodchester, Going down to the bridge is in GREAT shape. There some chucky snow that has sluffed off the sides, once you get down a ways, but otherwise, it's sweet. If you're on Tele or Alpine gear, stay river, or skier's, right. There a few short sections that would require a boarder to dismount, otherwise, it rides to the bridge. If on a snowboard, stay left and hike out the boot track to the bridge. The route has been in for quite a while, and it will remain in for quite awhile. Nice post Josh
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