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  1. to give the pushup/dip/crunch routine a bit of diversity i use a deck of cards. flip one over if it is a 9 do nine pushups, next card do dips etc., this keeps you from getting bored with sets, as you are always hoping that you will get a 2 card and only allow 8 seconds between sets. also do one leg squats, calf raises, lunges, and shadow boxing is great for working up a sweat. oh and there are some great gyms in Cinci, and if you get the chance the "Red" is only an a couple hours away, but that is only if you are interested in a few thousand great sport and trad routes. definitely worth the car rental if you have the time. cheers.

  2. I did the same thing about 5 years ago it lasted about 6 months and still have flare ups, particularly if my shoes/boots are not fit perfect. But it does go away, just take care of them toes.

  3. You follow the letter of the law because you are spineless and stupid.

    Actually I follow the letter of the law because:

    a. Prison sounds really lame, the climbing sucks.

    b. I have a firm belief that if we are going to send in troops and have people die then the least we can do is uphold the reason for those deaths. Namely personal liberties. Little Jeffi Dahmer and Timothy McVeigh got trials, so should anyone accused of being an enemy combatant. Hell look at how many death row inmates have been found innocent and pardoned, and those are after going through the court system. So how many folks are innocent after our gov't just declares them guilty?

    No, the "spineless and stupid" are not those following the letter of the law, particularly this law, the "spineless and stupid" those who do not step back and look at the big picture and see that this kind of law is what is really worth fighting for.

  4. if you think you will get into more serious riding i.e. centuries and the occassional race or even if you just plan on long sessions in the saddle i highly reccommend one with limited if any cushioning. it will take a few weeks to get yor sit bomes adjusted, but after that you are much better off for long rides. whatever you do avoid squishy soft saddles, they just put pressure on your squishy parts that shouldn't bet gettin' squished!

  5. i have never had a problem flying with a rack, i just drop it in the haulbag and take off. although it did cause a problem once when my buddy's gear got left by the airlines in paris. we did a last minute scrounge for gear in anchorage and went climbing anyway. it worked out great for me, cause i got to lead everything...way different shoe sizes so we couldn't share. and he looked great wearing girls clothes out on the glacier fruit.gif

    but if you are seriously worried about your rack

    a. go alpine climbing...you won't care about gear anymore you'll just want to get back alive

    b. look into renter's insurance...that way it can be replaced if something does go wrong

  6. you gotta go over by gustavus to see sea otters. i lived in juneau for 3 years and got dissed by the weather gods when we tried to get out to the towers 3 times. if you are still there and looking for things to do drop me a pm and i can set you off in the right direction. cheers. oh yeah, i moved back up north cause the rain destroyed my climbing.

  7. I have been in Nome (western ak coast) doing field work for the last six weeks and last week out at camp, everything was fogged in, or so we thought. When the other crew stopped out one afternoon they said the fog was smoke from the interior fires. Funny thing was it didn't have the forest fire smell that you usually get, just a huge smoke screen that covered all of the mountian views and turned the sun into a big red ball. The most recent weather report says that Barrow has the smoke now. Must be one hell of a fire!

  8. if you can handle being around lots of flexible women check out a yoga class, in particular an astanga or power yoga class. if you can't handle the women just get a good book or video and get at it. i introduced a buddy to this and he went from pulling down hard 12's to redpointing 13b.

  9. i highly recommend the putty over the mechanical grip devices and as an added bonus you won't have to go out and buy some when you blow out a tendon , since you will already be using it. you can get it from any physical therapist. just stop in buy some for about $5

  10. I agree with Fender Four. Just go with the single larger rope. I'm biased though, cause the crevasses up here are generally huge. The "extra weight" won't matter too much, I'll take a dry treated larger rope over a small non-treated rope any day on a glacier. Plus if you decide to head up a slightly more difficult route a longer rope gives you more room to climb through/around/over difficult areas. my$0.02

  11. Lets see, the trees are fantastic, the clearcuts are lame. The timber industry is heavily subsidized by the gov. Much of the wilderness land in SE AK is rock and ice, not trees. Tourism brings in far more money than logging in SE Ak. People like the trees and the thought that there is wildlife in it. Please don't start on how clearcuts lead to more wildlife due to increased habitable areas either...clear cuts are just not what tourists want to see. The productivity of salmon streams is directly related to the health of the riparian corridors in SE AK. Fishing brings in more money than logging. Most of the round logs from the Tongass are shipped overseas to be processed, then shipped back for us to buy. Obviously there is a rather small contribution from the Tongass to the overall national timber supply. Why not preserve the largest temperate rain forest we have for people to enjoy, or is it just a commodity? Or should we just cut it all down so a few companies can make some money while the rets of us pay for it.

  12. I recieved a pair of these site unseen in the mail a few days back (sponsored by salomon, but that won't influence my assessment). I have only worn them twice (once for a short dog walk and yesterday for an all day affair). First impressions out of the box: They are a bit heavy, pretty similar to my Koflac arctis expes. The sole seems a bit small (narrow) compared to the rand, thought this might make scambling difficult and post holing even worse as the surface area has been reduced. So yesterday I threw them in a pack with an axe and some crampons and biked 10 miles (8 uphill) to the trailhead...the boots definitely felt heavy when carrying them. The I put the boots on and hiked a few miles to the base of Ptarmagin Peak. There was a bit of discomfort, but they certainly walk better than my plastics. Kick stepping up the 1600' couloir the boots felt great and post holing wasn't too much of an issue. Near the top some 4th class terrain was definitely easier than in my plastics! The boots treated me well on the glissade down and the hike out was ok even though my feet were soaked (sweat and I forgot gaiters hellno3d.gif). Even with wet feet and a couple of miles of hiking I got no blisters, which is always a good thing. I am going to put these boots through a few more trials, further north in AK, but I am leaning towards taking them to a high altitude trip to China at the end of the summer. I will report on warmth, durability and ice climbing performance as I use them more. But right now I give them a thumbs_up.gif

  13. yes you can rap off a sling. just be sure to place your own sling as pulling the rope can start melting the sling i.e. don't use old slings. also use cordlette instead of webbing.

    double ropes are great for meandering routes, trad and ice climbs(less rope drag) and you have two ropes for rappel. rope management becomes really important

  14. one way to eliminate much of the hassle of bike maintainence is to ride a singlespeed. no shifting, no derailers, best possible setup for riding in the rain (i lived in juneau for the past 3 years) and it is also great for riding in -20 degree weather, since shifters tend to freeze-up anyway. and best of all it makes you a stronger rider.

  15. hey all,

    i thought i had plantar fasciitis for the past few months, and have been unable to ski,climb or even hike due to the serious pain. i went to a PT the other day (insurance finally kicked in)and found out that i don't have PF. Yeah! what i have it tendonitus linked to the connection between the heel and big toe. with some massage over the past few days my foot already feels noticeably better. just something to think about if you have been dealing with foot pain, it's not always PF, although most doctors will diagnose you with it. now if i could just get the torn tendon in my hand to heal....