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  1. Why is it OUR countries job to hand out money? If we're going to be altruistic (involuntary shudder), why not start at home?


    i do, not money (can't give what i don't have) but i make pb&j's and give em to the homeless folks on the corners in town. and i've taught whole piles of people how to climb rolleyes.gif


    but really our gov't is way bigger now than in the clinton years, explain that.

  2. greg,

    the original american gov't experiment was also based on most people living and working on their own small farm (check out thomas jefferson's writings) things change, our gov't has to change with them

  3. yeah, i'm pretty stoked to be american, particularly when our country is doing good things like helping out other countries, or even helping our own homeless and poor. i just don't like it when we go blow shit up and give tax breaks to huge corporations, increase the size of the gov't (more than the dems ever did) and increase the deficit, all the while ignoring things like...oh healthcare and education. guess i'm just a lefty but i love america...how can that be?fruit.gif

  4. drC,

    i've used a number of pickets, and to be quite honest i don't have any preference, other than i hate carrying the 3 footers. i've never really noticed a difference with pointed ends or not (if it's really hard put in a screw). although the tops of some really get bashed up easily(soft aluminum). all that said i am having my buddy make me some for way cheaper, but he is a machinist at cannondale and has the tools to get the job done. my $0.02 buy the cheapest it doesn't make a difference which one you get.

  5. jim,

    if you have chronic hand problems due to cold, just be sure to have multiple pairs of gloves (if you are ice climbing definitely do this)cheap fleece works fine for me, but i haven't had any problems with frostbite...on my hands anyway. just got back from climbing in china and one of my partners who frostbit her hands a few years back brought 6 pairs of gloves shocked.gif and she is a huge fan of the really small handwarmer chemical packs (that's what she uses iceclimbing all winter in ak). for my money i would get a waterproof shell (such as OR mitt) and use a fleece glove, best of both worlds. and you can keep another set of gloves warm in your chest pocket.


  6. just spent a few weeks at 17,500' in a mountain hardware EV2, a 2 man single wall tent weighing in around 4# or so (we were testing prototype poles so i'm not sure of the final weight). the inside isn't fuzzy like a bibler, so if it was warm(er) out you have to wipe away the condensation or it rains on you. sets up easy (2 pole) and stood up through a wind beating without really being guyed out. have also used the integral designs tents and would buy them over the biblers simply for thhe better pole attachment system. all three tents work well and are pretty bomber, i would buy whichever has the lowest price. my $0.02

  7. i was just curious if you had been on an expedition, because i spent the last two years working on logistics for an unguided trip to china to climb some unclimbed 6000+ m peaks, we leave saturday. it takes a ton of effort, granted we are going to a very remote area, but just organizing the food needed is a huge task. then you have to think about permits, rescue options, transportation, if you want sherpas, cooks, all the basecamp amenities on and on. yes all this can be organized on your own, but honestly it would be much easier to work with an agency and pay them to take care of logistics, you can tailor the trip however you want, but it will save you about a year of planning (time better spent actually climbing) and you will only be paying about grand or two extra for the services...well worth it

    just my $.02

  8. if you want an 8000m peak it is far easier to get on a trip like this than it is to do it yourself. pretty inexpensive really, i guarantee nobody is getting rich. trip logistics are huge and will take up loads of your time (like a year or more). look at the note on the webpage they could just handle logistics for you (trust me this is a good idea).

  9. Check out the Cannondale six13, it came out at the tour last year and they had to add weights to make it UCI legal (15 #). They had an add campaign saying Legalize my Cannondale. Actually the whole team (Saeco) wore jerseys in one stage and took a ding from the officials for it. UCI had the rule to keep people from making superlight bikes that would fall apart at high speeds and kill, but i think technology has passed the 15# mark and can still be safe. allthough dropping the rule could create a division between rich teams with "light" bikes and poor teams with "heavies". That said, my 17# bike is basically a huffy compared to the tour bikes.

  10. since you are new to the sport and looking to get a rope. i highly recommend a minimum diameter of 10.2mm. they handle great are plenty fine for trad and sport and top-rope and will last longer than the ultra-light 9 mills. oh, and i wouldn't get a rope shorter than 60 m, unless it is just for glacier travel.

    have fun

  11. bd~

    as with any harness the best thing to do is hang in it for a while. if it is really uncomfortable you will know right away. pretty much every climbing shop should have the ability to let you hang. that said, the next important things are the gear loops and whether they are in the right places for you, and whether you want a full strength loop for hauling a second rope. cheers

  12. that thing is lame. i'm right in the middle, but would have to lose or gain >20 to be outside normal. i'm already a stick. if i lost 15 pounds i probably wouldn't exist. if i gained 15-20 i would be ...my dad