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  1. to pay or not to pay...that is the question

    If you live in an urban area with a good library system, the library may continue to get it. For example, King County Library system allows you to get access to many subscription archives for newspapers if you access through their website and enter your library card number. You can do it from home, so you don't have to go to the library to access it. One of these providers to the library is ProQuest http://www.proquestcompany.com/home2.shtml Ask your local library if they have it. (If you already had a KCLS library card number you could get in here: http://www.kcls.org/cgi-bin/ipcheck?proquest)
  2. The boiling point.

    All you accomplish by not voting is allowing everybody else to decide for you. By the same token, if you have two candidates that are too "establishment" that you are trying to avoid, so instead vote for a third party candidate that hasn't a chance in hell of winning, odds are you just selected the worst of the establishment candidates by your actions. If you follow that up by never contacting a representitive or elected official, your opinions will never be heard, nor will ever result in change. The only countries where protest non-voting doesn't really matter are places where the elections are so rigged that the citizens take up arms to make their opinions known.
  3. John Stoddard's Passing

    Here is the obit as a jpeg attachment so others get the chance to see it.
  4. Singlespeed MTB?

    For more trials like riding, where you are dealing more with uphill or precision slow travel, single speed is pretty much standard. It also holds up better for running over logs and general bashing.
  5. Why are Americans so scared and sheltered?

    Percentage of Americans that hold passports? about 17% Since Bush hadn't been out of the country before he was elected, do you think he has a passport yet?
  6. Does anyone need anything?

    Wouldn't Heisenberg contend you were both?
  7. Rainier National Park shuttle from Airport?

    google has the answers you seek words like: transportation seatac to mt. rainier give you http://www.google.com/search?client=safa...-8&oe=UTF-8 Rainier Shuttle. P. O. Box 374, Ashford, WA 98304; Phone: 360-569-2331. http://www.ashfordmountaincenter.com/pages/883996/index.htm or to everywhere else from the airport
  8. Alpine Touring Stuff

    AT boots are always a compromise. If you stiffen them up, you may be paying for it on the tour. If you are a good skier in the resort, you will notice the difference, in part because of how snug you tend to fit boots for taking laps at the lifts. If you are a moderate skier at the resort, you might not miss the precision that a dedicated alpine boot would provide. The Adrenalin might be closer to a do everything boot, but since I haven't skied in it I can't say if it feels close to an alpine boot in performance at the resort. You will be happier if you choose the boots appropriate for what you do with them most, but if you have to, you can probably get by with the activity for which they are not optimized.
  9. Idiots

    It is just the dim bulb that has been in the White House for 5 years. This "energy bill" and the omibus bill from last November were just opportunities to stuff as much pork into that sausage as possible. More tax breaks for industry!
  10. fuhrer conditions

    This photo as of Wednesday showed it as being discontinuous. I've never been close to it under conditions like that to see how much of a hassle that makes it, but at the very least, it wouldn't be as much of a cruise as it would be when connected. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/showphoto.php?photo=12319&sort=1&cat=500
  11. Backcountry Border Encounters

    Don't even bother asking the border folks. Officially, when you cross the border, you are supposed to go straight to the nearest border authority to report in. That means before you get the chance to do your climb. Then, after you reported in, you go to try to cross the border again, then have to report to the authorities, again, never actually reaching the goal that encouraged you to cross the border to begin with. This is how it was before increased scrutiny brought about by 9/11. Prior to 9/11, the only official way for you to cross without this Catch-22 was places with monitored crossings, like the Pacific Crest Trail and I imagine Hozomeen since there are rangers that patrol there. I don't know what the official rule is now, but even those places might not be endorsed anymore. One thing seems consistant though, if you ask a border person they will likely tell you that you can't do it.
  12. Plane wreckage in Thunder Glacier

    From 1943 http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/lavalle.htm
  13. Ready to Pay for NoCa Visits?

    Blake, you sure you have that right? Didn't Rainier drop fees for backcountry camping (while still retaining the summit fees)? Just the notion of $10 for camping regardless of whether in advance or not sounds like a huge change in policy. I would understand it if they were mimicing the advanced permit system like for Rainier.
  14. Aluminum Crampons

    I wouldn't say "trouble", but you can tell the difference if the ice is hard. They flex a little, so what might take one strike with steel, might feel less secure with one strike with aluminum. That and the fact you don't feel comfortable trashing them walkin on rocks. The "flexiness" becomes less of an issue if everything is flat footing.
  15. WA's 100 highest in .xls format?

    http://www.rhinoclimbs.com/top100.html The question you have to ask though, is top 100 by which set of rules?