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  1. I found an abandoned and partially damaged tent (and some garbage) in the Warrior Pk cirque, elevation 6087, UTM coordinates 10 T 489770 5291818. If it is yours and you want it back, contact me.
  2. Mt. Goode NE buttress?

    Anybody been up Goode, NE buttress yet (or even seen it)? Just curious about climbing conditions.
  3. [TR] Thomson (Thompson) - West Ridge 8/1/2009

    Hi, I am thinking about going up there next week. Is there a creek or water source near the base of Mt. Thompson? I seem to remember one when I came down the East ridge several years ago. Thanks!
  4. [TR] Sherpa Peak- West ridge 7/9/2006

    Does the approach have snow? I am thinking about going there soon and won't bring an ice axe if I don't need it. Thanks.
  5. Found trekking poles on the Tooth

    Not Leki Makalus, sorry.
  6. I found some trekking poles on the Tooth. If they are yours and you want them back, describe them in a PM to me. Thanks, John
  7. North Cascades Climbing Accident

    FYI, Sharkfin Twr is 8120 feet in elevation. Sorry to hear about this. - John
  8. Mt Olympus 5/12-15

    Has anybody been up there more recently? I have heard some horror stories about the route being out of shape, and the summit block having a moat that has melted out 40 feet from the summit block and about 30 deep, requiring a Tyrolean Traverse. - John
  9. sad new from alpental

    Anybody know what aspect this slope is on? Thanks.
  10. Touching the Void

    Why would anybody want to watch this lame-ass movie? It is like watching the Passion of Christ of climbing movies. Thumbs down!
  11. [TR] Ingalls Traverse- 9/25/2004

    Was there any snow on the mountain? Thx.
  12. Mt Stuart Rescue - 7/11 ??

    Yes, there was. All that I know is that a party had climbed the West Ridge the previous day, and were descending via Cascadian, when one climber slipped on hard and steep snow. The injuries were apparently severe enough to require a chopper rescue.
  13. Wedgemount Lake/Wedge Mtn

    Thanks for the responses. I'll be right up there soon!
  14. Hi all. I am thinking about going up to BC on a sunny weekend in July this year. I am curious about how crowded it gets at Wedgmount Lake? Is it really bad (like Mt. Rainier's Camp Muir)? If I gets too crowded maybe I will campout on the glacier somewhere. Thanks.
  15. Ingalls Pk- South Ridge beta?

    Anybody been up Ingalls Pk via the S. Ridge? I am curious about conditions,mainly if snow is still on the rock portion of the route. Thanks.