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  1. EEK!

    Bill, why are you looking at Erik Estrada pictures at four in the morning? Get help.
  2. Best Lit

    I just read that one the other day. It's by William Carlos Williams.
  3. Frodo didn't make it after all...

    TLG, I don't know if he is the same guy, but I saw a man with that tattoo at the Redmond VW this summer.
  4. Ahh, kids

    While driving to Snoqualmie Pass today, my daughter noticed Mt. Si and said, “Mom, look at mountain. We could climb that!” Those are the words every parent loves to hear.
  5. Doesn't anyone work at work ??

    Tough crowd
  6. Doesn't anyone work at work ??

    so, where is the picture of that ice axe wound?
  7. Seattle Pub Club 12/17

    Batgirl lurks no more! It was great meeting you guys except now I can't remember who's who. Damn, I hate that. Hey Crack, are you done crying about your knee? Let's go boarding!