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  1. What will you give me for them. Both sets are in great condition these are my other tools just don't need them.
  2. Good job on getting the trip report Doug done you know i would have not got to it. Thanks Moira for changing plans so Doug and I could go climbing it was a great route.
  3. Petzl Nomic and Grivel X Monster ice tools.

    Pretty much sold the Nomics.
  4. Petzl Nomic and Grivel X Monster ice tools.

    Im out and about today. I will try to post pics tonight. Yes both tools are sets.
  5. beta on Izaccihuatl and El Pico De Orizaba?

    Yep the hut sucks, bring a tent. A cheaper option you can get a taxi from town to Hidago for I think, I payed 90 pesos. From there it is a 4 or so mile walk on a road. I also stayed at a small hotel in town that was basic but nice. I think it is one block down the main road from the Pemex station on the left (130 pesos. The normal route was in great shape as of the 15th. There was no crevasse danger to speak of. Oh also no ATM in town. Also the food was horrible at the white house where all the gringos are known to eat. Have fun!
  6. did you pass a huge, thin flake at some point, jutting upwards? Don't think so. As Moira said are intentions were to climb a route Briody and I did awhile back and well this one ended up being right of it. We were pretty much right on the edge of the transion between the granite and shale or whatever that stone is. Who knows? FA or not as said above many people have done routes up there. Good times!
  7. Well sure Moira, someone else could have had the FA. But as I told you after talking with some local well shall we say "Sources" the FA is most likely. What the hell though, FA or not it was fun!
  8. FS: 1997 Subaru Wagon $400

    Check PM!
  9. Dynafit tourlite All Terrain ski boots size 26 mondo 8 US. I bought these boots last year used 4 times. Going to Chile, Argentina for 5 months need money make me a offer!
  10. El Potrero Chico - Trad Rack called for?

    There are only a couple trad routes there. A couple Dane Bass put up on ridge lines freaky. Most of them are really long and have only seen maybe a secound acsent. Good luck and yes helmet, 70meter rope would be nice not nessary. I have even brought twins as there are some long raps. Oh stay at Rancho Cerro Gordo great place, Mel the owner a great host. ranchopotrerochico.com
  11. Alpine climbing in Chile?

    try stonedance.com I will be down there Jan 9th through May 31st climbing Ben
  12. Mexico, El Potrero Chico??

    Hey faster try this web site ranchopotrerchico.com. I have been down there twice. I live in Leavenworth for thhe next two weeks and have a pretty resent guide book not the latest from Magic ED. I could give it to you or whatever. PM me if you want to contact me. Ben
  13. want to trek in Patagonia in February or March?

    Hey I will be down in Chile, Argentina January 9th through May 31st. Mostly Patagonia region Climbing and some trekking. PM me. Ben
  14. Canadian Rockies ICE!

    So I am going the 7-15th of January. I'm driving and will be based out of Banff. I need a partner! Been there before. Paul
  15. El Potrero Chico

    Matt I was there in November. Many new routes put up everyday. I am in Korea at the moment but I do have the newest guide book that was out in Nov. but I know there is a newer one. I will be home in about a week so can send you some beta. The guide book you buy in the US is crap (jeff jackson one). Ben
  16. So I just bought a ticket to Seoul today leaving the 26th of this month tell the 19th of next month. What I am wondering is if anyone has climbed there and has any beta? I am looking at the Sorak San area (To-wang-sung icefall) or well any other area in South Korea. Going there to climb will see what happens bu knw i will enjoy whatever will happen. Thank you lots Ben
  17. Climbing in South Korea, know anything about it?

    Hey thanks lots. I really have know idea what I am going to spur of the moment trip but well I will find out. got a week to fnd Beta. What was it like with the english only speakng person I am.
  18. Stuart

    Hey not being in the area at the moment, has anyone been up to stuart in the past week? Whats going on up there in the cascades?
  19. About 1 1/2 years old with new extra pick. Both in great shape scratches here and there always taken great care of. I would like to get $330 out of them. Thanks lots can email photo if I can figure it out
  20. Charlet moser Quarks with new extra cascade pick

    Well how about $300. Come on $300 for pair of tools and extra pick!
  21. Cobra Ice Tools for Sale

    still have your tools
  22. FS: Denali gear

    Still go the boots really really interested
  23. 1 set of quarks with extra cascade pick, 1 pulsar charlet mosar hammer, 1 scm (i think) 60 cm walking ax RMI style, life-link north boundary ski pack and the north face search and rescue gortex suite size MED (this is one burly suite kevlar and renforced everywhere used once to big. Eveything great condition Make me offers and see what I say.
  24. Archos MP3 Jukebox/Recorder 15

    Hi, could ya tell me what condition it is in, is there music still on it and how long do the batteries last. Thanks lots
  25. What ice is in? Tell me, tell me.