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  1. Goldbar Drive in Access Revoked

    What kind of distances are we talking? In some ways because of boulderings popularity, and as mentioned in the above link, this may be a boon in disguise. Mountain bikes included in the ban?
  2. Dakota Bolt Works

    Going through my bolting gear I found my old Dakota Bolt Works drill (bits have long since been trashed) that I bought from the original maker in Rapid City, summer of 1987. Is there a market for collectable drilling gear? I don't really need it if so, as I have my Hurricane for hand drilling. Any info would be cool and I may have the owners manual someplace too...but that's another search. http://www.bigwalls.net/climb/bolts.pdf Not related to the DBW drill, just another cool item.
  3. Did i just trash my rope?

    A friend/boss when I was with JHMG in Vegas told me to never lay your rope on asphalt (as in staging at the parking area before a climb) as the reaction with the petrolates were bad for ropes. Curious anecdote that may or may not have relevance here, to this day I still heed this. When in doubt...toss it out, or make a rug. Can you find the center mark
  4. Salmon River wilderness on Nature April 18

    Boo, I missed seeing this post in time. I adore that area. I was part of the Color Country Fire crew (Southern Utah National Parks)in 1988 that fought the Battleaxe fire. Super beautiful country! Just noticed there is a full vid option in the links, thanks for the heads up again!
  5. WTB: Sky Valley Rock Guidebook

    Ouch, wtf? Gotta be a cheaper resource thats nutz. If its Index your looking for here something free, albeit dated as heck. Old Index guide. OR register here and get some up to date beta. Sky Valley and more
  6. Sleeping pads? Neo, Exped, ect.

    Good resource here as well: http://www.outdoorgearlab.com/Sleeping-Pad-Reviews
  7. Deans gone mad in China!

    Perhaps, I have never met the fellow but just the news bits (Delicate Arch debacle), interviews, and such give me the impression of a grand self promoter. Plenty of active and "cutting edge" folk out there that do their thing with little fanfare and much positive action. Just saying...
  8. Deans gone mad in China!

    To clarify, whenever DP's name comes up I get edgy, granted his skills are awesome, but his talent for self promotion and lack of respect for the environment, and some half truths render my respect for anything he does to zero.
  9. Went looking for a new bouldering pad as an adjunct to my old school Cordless and Chouinard pad so after researching and almost getting a BD Mondo... I went with the Big Pad by Organic. Custom pads by a cool dude in Minnesota, their service and responsiveness was awesome, pad will be on its way in 2 weeks. I just wanted to spread the good vibes about a super nice small business that is very service/quality oriented. http://www.organicclimbing.com/
  10. Seal Line repair?

    Just ripped a tiny slit (3mm) in the clear membrane and was wondering if anyone had repair recommendations other than buy a new one? Got this for my kindle and it fits/works great.
  11. Seal Line repair?

    why buy when you can warranty? I always space that option. BUT, contacted and they were super flex. Sent it back got a replacement within 4 days. Exceptional service.
  12. Rockin' TR Ivan! Thanks for the memories! Beautiful route and looks like you had a hoot! Did that in 2000 and wished I hadn't dropped my roll of film off the top Kolob is my place, some sweet routes and some killer cragging up the South Fork...if you ever get the opportunity.
  13. Maybe search around a bit, a nice article >>>>> HERE <<<<< in case you missed it.
  14. Holy shit

    Don't be a douche...stay in your own forum...k?
  15. Joe, I visited Darrington for the first time last summer, you will love it!! Beautiful rock in a dramatic setting cannot be beat. The approach to the most popular crag 3 o'clock will be rough for the time being. Have you been to Static Point, it's a little closer and similar style although the approach is often a PITA if the road is blocked as it is during specific days. Good Luck! 3 O'Clock Blueberry Hill The approach crux to Static point. ]
  16. Making Crack

    I loved Mountain Magazine!
  17. Trippy Dude

    Dude, I tried taking on a cane toad when I was younger but he purty near whooped my ass.
  18. Peyote

    Excellent link Marc! tyvm
  19. Anyone see this crap at Smith?

    Props to all the cc.com folks that posted comments and views on the FB page page. And I am glad, it looks like the proj has been disabled for the moment.
  20. Anyone see this crap at Smith?

    Wow, incredible. I added a post supporting Gene and, civilly expressed a view. We do not need this kind of nonsense in the Park or anywhere.
  21. Hippies or pirates?

    Foul aromas are not stackable, you would need v4.20 to get the them to stack but then you would find it gets really buggy. The only way for them to stack without affecting performance would be to merely have 2 with opposite aromas to stand in close proximity, thus creating the illusion of stacking.
  22. Intents

    I followed the Asshole climbers link (funny yes) and did some poking around. I found a link to this photo gallery that is pretty amazing and disturbing at the same time. Well worth the view. http://www.edouphoto.com/