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  1. Static Point Bolts

    Slabs are not cutting edge?
  2. YEA JON!!!

    Dru seems to have a pretty decent taste in tunes... beats all that "pop hop" stuff all the kids are listeneing to. My 2c add: Inlakesh , Infected Mushroom , and FSOL But again, WTF do I know muahaha
  3. Static Point Bolts

    Ant fall can dole out some serious damage. I had a similar exp where a friend slipped one foot, it caught on a rugosity and ripped up his peronials (trashed ankle). Its the small stupid stuff that gets ya.
  4. Great to be back

    Heya! Just wanted to post out a big Howdy I just moved back to the NW from Vegas ( was there 7 years) and I realize now what a sweet place this area is. Vegas is really a heinous place to live ...climbing is fully top notch but the quality of life is rather dubious. Anyhow im in Tacoma and am psyched to hit the local crags again. Question: anyone here climbed at the Kanasket columns recently? Its a cool bunch of glueups on a trestle over the green river...near Kanasket. back in the day is was pretty fun. Is it still there? access issues? rednecks shot off all the holds? OK nuff, be safe and have fun!
  5. Great to be back

    Err yeah, its the Evercrack addiction, consuming me
  6. Static Point Bolts

    It was an idea that had promise, but I think that in reality it turned out to be mostly impractical. I have drilled holes and then gone back a couple months later to install a bolt in them and had a very difficult time finding the hole -- even when I stood on exactly the same footholds that I used when I drilled the hole! It might not happen on overhanging rock, but otherwise an empty hole can fill with debris and disappear very quickly unless the outside edges of the hole were chipped to make a larger scar. In overhanging rock, most of us would be a little leary of the expanding/removable anchors. You could.. like.. make little plugs with a puppet head of your favorite muppet or rock star and put them in the hole to keep the hole clean and ease visibility? PC-7 a little keeper wire to the rock to keep the plug from falling away?
  7. Great to be back

    Tacoma is improving, really... The YMCA even has a climbing wall (uhhh yeah). Im really impressed tho, its amazing if you leave and area for a length of time you really realize how nice your former home was. The green, the moisture, the water. WOW. Regardless, if any of ya are in Tacoma, drop by the Starbucks on the UW campus and say howdy, im the follically challenged fello behind the bar. ( To temper any anti-Starbucks flames which will most surely follow, Ive been working at *$ for 14 years and find it to be a fun job with mostly cool peeps. The corporate aspect isnt my fave but hell when I started we only had 32 stores. )
  8. Great to be back

    DOH, I was in Vegas for awhile, not Mars. hehe. ill be keeping my distance from that one
  9. Static Point Bolts

    My 2c, Slabs are meant to be runout. Static point, GPA, J-Tree, et al have a rich history of low angled route that inspire perspire. Learning how to fall and wearing the proper non-lycra/shorts attire helps. I respect the first ascentionist choice and if i havent the nads to lead it, ill walk away or if I want it bad enough, find a way to TR it. It totally adds flavor to a route and a locale. What gets me is the genericification and stupification of climbing that the sport climbing realm has wrought upon the face of the sport. Kudos to those who fight the trend Anyway...replace the baddies but dont add more.
  10. Great to be back

    Lol, you sure are a friendly bunch
  11. Great to be back

    Lol, NO thats not my idea...BUT its the only area I havent heard anything about. I've been scoping all my old haunts. But actually if you must know, climbing glueups in a lush forest near a cool, green, life rich, NON alkali body of water... versus climbing in 100 degrees on a urban ghetto limestone sport crag near suburbia...i'll choose the glue ups Really, its just one aspect of climbing I enjoy. It happened to be a nice place to go, outside, protected from the rain and away from the crowds. <--- something im getting very very tired of so I choose to climb in obscure areas. Im now looking at nailing the clay banks off Point Defiance