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  1. FS Cannondale Tandem - 1993 - $1500

    Yup, 26" wheels, we never took it off road as that always sounded super dicy But I guess dirt roads would be cool, I have seen pics/vids of peeps riding technical terrain but yikes, that requires some focus. I am just content to bang out 100/200 miles and just be a zombie :0
  2. CC.com parallel universe

    Are you in the fray or ... lol I know there has to be a few crossovers but I have yet to see or read one that strikes me as familiar. I will pay more attention
  3. Coexist

    For a lighthearted drift... Coke exists
  4. Fly fishing forum inquiry

    I looked and found nothing pertinent. Do any of you know of a NW specific forum for fly fishing? Thanks in advance
  5. Fly fishing forum inquiry

    Wow, you guys are fast. I just got back into town after a week hiking/fishing/chilling at Sun Lakes. Tried to go to 11worth to boulder but we decided it was too smokey after our poor visibility in Sun lakes. I would love to get out to those that posted inquiries, I need to unpack and get settled but yeah some fly sesh would be cool both Rob and Yellowlab. I will drop pm's when I get a window. Also, I only had one rod/reel setup (5wt) and sadly I left it on the roof of the van after I finished my last run at Dry Lake...needless to say it is toast. I will replace it tomorrow Smoke over Park Lake Dry Falls Lake 'bow (all fish were carefully released) Basalt detail @ Dry Falls Lake
  6. What ever happened to Ritchie Hawtin?

    Simon and Raja are pure genius!
  7. Yo Seagal

  8. tree sap on ropes

    Tree sap post Alot of the usual nonsense but some info if you filter out the chaff. Good luck PS, I think Bill Coes comment on the bottom is the most sound, hes got the wisdom.
  9. old school climbing gear 150.00

    Looks like Peck Crackers. Peck Crackers link
  10. Dogs at crags

  11. Dogs at crags

    I have a hard time visualizing you at Vantage RD, are you slipping a little?
  12. Absolutely beautiful! Nice work and I totally love this...
  13. I have a figure-8 klnot question

    Apparently a well tied, clean figure 8 will not need a backup knot...just a nice little tail. For me, I like a half fisherman's knot in the tail for psychological reasons. I am sure you will get a myriad of opinions on the merits of a variety of backups...rewoven, glued, tied and stapled. Bottom line is if it makes you feel better and push harder...do what works for you.
  14. SOLD!

    Regrettably I am going to sell my double ledge purchased just before we moved back up here from Vegas in 2001. This ledge has been in storage and is in unused condition. The package contains the ledge, tent pole fly and the full coverage expedition fly. Older A5 catalog pdf Asking $400.00 obo and will meet if you you're not too far away, I am in Tacoma. Not super stoked to ship it. [font:Arial Black]PM please if interested.[/font]
  15. SOLD!

    Sold! Thanks Beautiful_corn!
  16. What are you listening to?

    Oly, I knew I liked your style! I love Fu Manchu and OM big time. Two of my current faves, old but good...drone on!! [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmoe7wwm4HM [video:youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrclNyck6HY
  17. Fly fishing forum inquiry

    Dually noted! Thanks JayB!
  18. Fly fishing forum inquiry

    That would be it! Thanks Jon! @Yellowlab, thanks! Any info in addition would be cool, getting into it and am looking for good resources! Cheers
  19. Coming Back From Injury

    I dislocated my elbow falling poorly from a roof problem in October and really started climbing and pushing the arm 5 months later, it's still weird feeling as heck but it works. Bottom line; I took the injury as an opportunity to re-examine myself, climbing, what I wanted out of the activity. I don't climb anywhere near V7 but I enjoy the sport at pretty much any level (that I can do) and I firmly believe simply enjoying climbing is a worthy goal. Make realistic goals in the recovery/strength building phase and rediscover the beauty of movement and simply being out doing something you love. The numbers game is out the window and the satisfaction game is in play. The again I have been climbing for nearly 30 years so it's is curious how other folks view the time off. Good luck with recovery and just have fun, that's why we do it anyway correct? Don't forget to drink lots of water to help the healing. "The solution to pollution is dilution" Cheers Dave
  20. Product To Clean Tree Sap?

    Assuming all citrus oils are the same, I had a bottle of Orange oil in my refrigerator and the oil that leaked out, melted the plastic shelf, pretty gnarly stuff, not sure if I would want that near nylon. Curious tip though and worth testing.
  21. Got Issues?

  22. UBB code

    Is UBB code not working or turned off due to some "odd" circumstances? I want my image back TYVM
  23. They are a wee bit stiffer. IMHO