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  1. Checkin in from downtown

    I've been out of the climbing loop for a months now and I'm lookin to meet a climbing partner that is very casual. Maybe go to roky Butte once or twice a week. By the way to all you portlanders out there. I am using this computer from a sweat new spot in downtown PDX called Backspace. They have a a bunch of computers and a ton of games for them. I am also a big gamer as well as climber. It is called BACKSPACE. www.BACKSPACE.BZ. They got this X-box on a projection that is sick. Any ways let me know if anybody wants to climb.
  2. Christmas Climbing

    Looking to do some climbing the 23-25th...I am somewhat of a novice, 5.10 is pushing it for me. I have some gear. but no car... so anyone in the portland area want to drag me with them to go climb??? so... yeah... uhm.. oh yeah, my mom says I'm a real nice boy...
  3. weekday portland climbing?

    Ohhhh.. Shit sorry. good advice. Thank you
  4. weekday portland climbing?

    I appreciate the advice..really...but would like to get outdoors... so.. like I said. Anybody interested in outdoor climbing (Portland area..ex rocky butte) during the weekdays or going to smith anytime soon??
  5. weekday portland climbing?

    All of my climbing partners have moved away. Started climbing about a year and half ago.. just starting to advance. 5.10ish?? led once. I Want a new climbing partner who can climb during the week. I drink beer.