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  1. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    my my my...it must be past trask's nap time.
  2. Why aren't there very many black climbers?

    1) Trask you're comments are so stunningly offensive I can't believe you posted them publicly 2) only 3) there can't be a simple answer to this question. A great topic to be sure. My guess is that has something to do with how a person is raised. My love of the moutains stems from my time w/my parents as a child. In a sense, what I'm saying is that it's passed on from generation to generation. If you're not exposed to it as a child there may be less of chance that you'll find it as an adult. I agree that the demographics of the PNW probably doesn't help the local numbers of minority climbers either!
  3. Sportiva Ice

    I'd love to see what the ladies out there use. I have a horrible time w/boots. Any recommendations from the girls or any of you who are just knowledgeable gear junkies?
  4. What's in your SUV?

    and i wish the creeps who stole all my stuff would at least bring back my CDs and maps! Can you tell that i'm bitter?
  5. I'm sure this has been rehashed many times but lets talk about navigation boys and girls! GPS or no GPS? If yes which one do you have? I'm inherently cheap and have balked at dropping the coin for GPS. I'm looking forward to a couple of extended trips this year the topic has come up: is it wort the money. I've always relied on my brain and my trusty compass. (one of the few valuable things that i learned in girl scouts) However i have to admit to straying off course this summer in the Rockies. We've got one ski trip planned and some time off for extended backpacking this summer.
  6. help i'm lost in the wilderness..

    So i think what i'm getting from this is that a GPS is a nice addition but not a mandatory item? I'm pretty handy w/my compass and a good map. GT maps suck for anything off the beaten path.
  7. Ahh, kids

    My 7yr old son was crushed when we told him that even if he did talk us into climbing Mt. Rainier this summer he wouldn't be the youngest person to do it. He's turning into such a good hiker/backpacker/climber but he's not that good yet!
  8. chair peak

    Chair was good climbing yesterday but I wouldn't go near that place on Saturday! There were quite a few people yesterday. Tomorrow will be a mad house!
  9. Lets get back to what's really important mid-week climbing. Dot-com jobs should be thought of as gateway gigs. Gateway to more free time. All kidding aside, I'm surprised at how many of my friends who were bitten by the dot-com snake found new jobs relatively quickly. We won't discuss salaries...
  10. The Myth of the "liberal" media

    i think trask watches too much TV
  11. chair peak

    crust sucks (then again i think snowboarding suck )
  12. chair peak

    Col. S. pardon my hostility. I wasn't planning on writing a trip report for a trip that never panned out. Figured i'd toss out some observations based on my recent presence in the area. We were a little slow in getting up and out the door this morning (too much ) so we didn't get up the route very far. I had to get back down the house (damn work!) Made it more of an exploratory trip in prep for an attempt tomorrow. What we did see was crusty stuff on top of softer snow. I wouldn't say the conditions are ideal for climbing or skiing. Just my opinion. I definitely wouldn't want to ski the crud and climbing it isn't ideal but i'll do it.
  13. chair peak

    it's all a matter of opinion. perhaps i shouldn't have been so glib in my description. I should've stopped at crusty. soooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrry. If you want a detailed report you'll have to wait until i'm in the mood to type that much. I was just giving my general impressions. shoot!
  14. Guye Peak in Winter

    Even in these conditions, Guye has been pretty fun. In fact, I think it's been a better climb lately than it was last fall w/o any snow. We climbed the west side south section last weekend...pretty decent given the weather we've been having. Can't wait until there's more snow! I heard a few folks out there on New Years Eve in the moonlight. Probably a better way to spend it than the hang over I earned!
  15. chair peak

    It's crusty, icy and nasty as of this morning. Hopefully it will get warm enough today to soften things up. Not worth it imho. Still a fair bit of snow.
  16. Relocation Suggestions

    Gotta agree w/the Bellingham comments. Great community. Good sea kayaking up that way and you're just a stone's throw from the great paddling in BC.
  17. Now this looks more like winter

    Crystal's open Friday the 13th! Wahoo! My kharma has taken a turn! I get to pick up my skis from the shop tomorrow! It's either going to be a blown knee or the most fun I've had in a while!
  18. holiday wish list?

    I'm pretty sure I've been naughty enough to get my new trango ice boots and new crampons. Maybe? Pretty please?!? Maybe if I sit on Santa's lap again tonight that'll put me over the edge. As for us suburban climbing moms...get the kids their own harnesses and bring 'em along!
  19. cinamon slab accident 11/30

    Maybe this should be a different thread but the makes me wonder how many of you own/use/would use anything less than a 50m rope? I've always viewed a shortened rope as an accessory but not my climbing rope. I've gotten in the habit of just dealing w/the extra length/weight of a 60m rope. As for tying into both ends of the rope, I don't always tie in when I'm belaying (depends on the route) but I always knot the free end. This was clearly a mistake set up by inexperience but none the less we all do stupid things from time to time. Thankfully they'll live to learn from their mistakes.
  20. The 5.10 Barrier

    This is a good topic. I'm only just now getting back to where 5.10 anything is in the picture. I think most people have mental hurdles to jump before they can progress. That point is different for each of us. Definitely climb w/people who exceed your ability. You're more likely to push yourself. If it's not just leading that's giving you a hard time then find the opportunity to TR the type of route you're struggling with. Being able to practice moves is important and builds confidence. I think the strength vs. technique question is a good one. I wonder if it's different for the women than for the men. After not climbing for several years, I found that I was pretty weak this summer. I had to rely on technique to get up a lot of routes that I normally would've just powered up w/out thinking. Not that my technique wasn't rusty but it was my only hope. I didn't have the muscle to climb sloppy. Even some 5.9 routes weren't gimmes w/o some thoughtful footwork. Guess my strength v. technique grade is a little lower than 5.10. How about gals...anyone else? The strength
  21. Projects for 2003

    Get married? are you nuts?
  22. Projects for 2003

    2003- 1) win lottery 2) quit job 3) climb daily b/c of 1&2 4) remember to take medicin every day for delusions but seriously folks: 1) Get ISO to climb more 2) Get back to 5.10 form 3) Summer road trip to zion or joshua 4) Find some new (to me) hikes/climbs in the Olympics 5) A week of backpacking somewhere in Sept.
  23. follow the leader

    I expect that I might get ripped for asking what might seem like an obvious question but here it goes. How did you decide when you were a) ready to lead easy stuff b)when to progress to leading harder routes? This stems from a healthy beer soaked debate last night. I've always been very cautious and only led things much much easier than what I can climb. My climbing partner du jour takes a more relaxed approach.
  24. follow the leader

    Now ed, there's your problem. You drink that piss called budweiser and think it's beer. In order to learn to drink a better beer you must gain experience by practicing. As many in this thread it's best to just jump right in and try something challenging. Next time order the Obsidian Stout.