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  1. Figure Eight or Double Fisherman's Knot???

    Dru- you're right it is a simple knot but do you really think no one has ever messed up a simple knot?
  2. snowshoes

    I'm surprised. What model do you have? I've used mine a lot. Long days, lots of hours, deep wet nasty snow, the works. Loved those shoes but anytime i buy new gear i like to check out all the options.
  3. snowshoes

    gee that's helpful. thanks
  4. how'd you get your dog to play dress up? Those can't be mine, i don't wear them.
  5. trask, it's flattering that you were fantasizing about me but that was your dog
  6. trask you'd know all about pitiful eh?
  7. Trivia *DELETED*

    DFA uses all of the above?
  8. Pub Club 1/21

    yep that's the one. Dad Watson's is a great place.
  9. cripes! folks its the internet...the providers of this site are kind enough to allow us to spew forth all sorts of nonsense. Don't gripe when they choose to edit us. Besides isn't a thread like this just what started this thread?
  10. Pub Club 1/21

    anybody ever drink at the park pub? does that place still exist?
  11. There's been some useful updates on the chair peak thread mixed in w/the garbage. I'd hate to see that sort of thing go. Can you just edit the garbage out of those sort of threads?
  12. CC.com Board Meetings

    roolz? wot ruls?
  13. CC.com Board Meetings

    i'm guessing muffy doesn't play a lot of scrabble.
  14. What did you do last weekend?

    Took dogs and kid skiing. Lundin peak. Wish it would snow more.

    sadly the bucs and the seahawks came into the NFL the same year
  16. trask, i'm not the one who was posting at 11pm on a Fri night My technique is unparalleled...what can I say...i'm good. Too bad you don't have first hand knowledge of it...so to speak. "they're real and they're fabulous"
  17. I don't think trask was busy doing anything on Friday night except playing w/those bass.
  18. Can you believe this weather

    I'm lovin the temps but it's probably bad. We were out by Mt. Lundin on Sat. I was peeling off layers by 9! The snow pack could use a little help! As much as I love this stuff a little fresh powder would be good thing.
  19. Well that involves actually getting married....ewwwwwwwwwww. I'll take a friendly remind that I'm a moron and forgot to take off my ring over that any day!
  20. Well...just a thought, I don't wear much jewelry and sometimes i've forgotten i had my ring on. A gentle reminder can save a lot of problems. (especially when at the bar post-climb)
  21. Globalization

    hmmm trask must not have had much luck w/the trolls...er...ladies friday night based on the time of that post. How does working for a guy from kenya married to a german gal and having lunch w/him at a vietnamese place while wearing my italian shoes (i don't always where birks) count for globalization?
  22. What's going on around here?

    muffy's you've got your head on straight there!
  23. I learned my lesson about rings the hardway. In a non-climbing related athletic endeavor, I shattered my pinky knuckle in part b/c I hadn't taken off my ring. Had to get that the ring cut off and just about lost my finger. Don't do it! I can only barely bend that finger even after 2 surgeries! Take your rings off! And glare meanly at people who don't
  24. the guy who thought of this is my favorite person today! trask and the martinis have been demoted to #2 http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/104679_eyman17ww.asp