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  1. bass guitar wanted

    Two cams, not sets. or 60 bucks. But you have to take the amp and the bass and you need to pick up in West Seattle. (or Redmond)
  2. bass guitar wanted

    I have an old bass that I bought used with an amp that I never use. I have no idea what brand or quality either of then are, but I can check. You can have 'em both for the trade of two TCU's (prefer metolious or wired bliss)
  3. Crazy Mo-Fo!

    French people are funny that way, but the wing suits are pretty easy to fly in. French Freaks in the sky
  4. Total Soul TR

    Yeah. I think it's called Mattp's head. It's a little tough to photocopy tho.
  5. fat chicks . . .

    Watch the scenery while you ride You can be very warm inside When the train goes round the bend Check the shrubry on the other end
  6. Favorite kind of climbing

    What did you do in Blodgett? I was at UM for undergrad and climbed lots of stuff down there. In Blodgett it was the parking lot wall, Shoshone at least a couple times a month and Nez Perce & Flathead spire. Ice in the winter was fun too.
  7. Favorite kind of climbing

    For me it's anything trad and more than a couple of pitches. i.e. Index, Blodgett canyon in MT, Tetons, Castleton Tower, etc. Although I find I get scared easier now than I did 15 years ago.
  8. Come fondle my rack!

    I'm thinking I may head up to Mt Erie on Sunday as I've never been there yet. But maybe 11worth or Index, too.
  9. Why does this board have an alpine slant?

    Yeah. I have.
  10. What to do with a second rope?

    The fig eight knot for rap would look like this. Easy to get stuck tho. The EDK is a better choice.
  11. Interesting concept: 100m rope

    The potential drag at the end of a 100m pitch of moderate (read low angle) climbing is frightening.
  12. aaawwwww shit!

    Hell Yeah. I think I may go up to D'town.