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  1. Triple Couloir on Dragontail Peak

    The colouirs are still there, and they provide a line of access to the summit from the base.
  2. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Come on over and I'll make you my bitch! Um....yeah....
  3. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Because my car doesn't run on water. And there's water everywhere around here, so what the fuck do you know???
  4. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Your business IS my business, shitwipe, especially when you drive a polution-machine like yours. Do you think you live in a bubble?
  5. Climbing Vid

    Did you make the video by compiling all the images you took with your digital camera?
  6. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    More Good News!!! There's a couple typos in the quoted prices, see if you can figure it out!!
  7. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    It's an issue because it's at an all-time high and it's MARCH. And gasoline is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF OUR ECONOMIC WELL-BEING. And 17.5 mpg is shitty. It should be a crime against humanity, punishable by death, to drive a murder weapon like yours.
  8. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Fuck no!!! How are we gonna teach them a lesson if we're not raping or starving or something???? Maybe if the toy monkey had smallpox or ebola on it or something, that'd be OK. These animals need to PAY!!!!
  9. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Fuck yeah!!! Starve those fucking animals! You've got some good ideas, CBS!!
  10. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Especially since they live on an island...
  11. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Fuck yeah!! I say we burn all their women, teach those fuckers a lesson they won't soon forget.
  12. Gas Prices and Summer Travel

    Well, your 15mpg will decrease to 10mpg or worse with four people and gear, jackass. MARK MY WORDS: GAS WILL BE $3 A GALLON BY THE END OF JULY!!!
  13. Thread Ressurectuion

    Seems to be happening a lot lately. Discuss...
  14. Thread Ressurectuion

    IMHO, it's due to the Thread Nazis banning the talent.
  15. car pool lane question.

    Statistics 17% of time spent nose picking!!!
  16. Room for Rent

    I pay $525 for as house with a seperate garage, a carraige house, and a yard!!! Better bring some lube!!!
  17. car pool lane question.

    Me thinks the inflatable Antonio Banderas doll would be a more cost-effective solution.
  18. Most influential american climber

    Sadly, any american climber pales in comaprison to their european contemporaries. They just rule, especially the eastern european and former soviet union climbers. Even the hardest americans today are putting up weak routes, in poor style, compared to the euros.
  19. Most influential american climber

    Dan -'s speed ascents have revolutionized american alpine climbing.
  20. Trask

    I just dropped Trask off at the pool. He sure did put up a fight.
  21. insurgents

    So, the US troops are terrorists. Doolittle, The US kills innocent people, but it is not done "indiscriminately" So, it is OK to kill innocent people as long as it is done with discrimination, rather than without discrimination. But if the US troops are killing innocents with discrimination, as you are suggesting, than they can tell the difference between innocent and "enemy combatant". So, they kill innocents because they know they are innocents.
  22. More Bush

    True enough. The point I was trying to make though is that Berlusconi's sphere of power is limited and restrained by entities such as the E.U. The fact they we govern ourselves as a people, rather than being governed by some external entitity is GOOD. If only this were true....Bush was selected as President by the Supreme Court. Five people. I'd hardly call this self-governance. And the external entities that do govern us are the corporations and special interests that pay to support candidates for election.
  23. insurgents

    So, the US troops are terrorists.
  24. Is the world safer?

    Please summarize with a single sentence of mono-syllabic words.
  25. Martyrs

    I'm pretty sure that it was not OK for Isreal, a client state of the US, to blow up a blind man in a wheelchair with missles in the name of the "War on Terror". Have you seen the guy? His face alone is enough of a rallying point for the Islamic world to get behind in a jihad against the west. 100,000-200,000 Palestinians in the street yesterday, swearing revenge against Isreal and the US. And if you don't know how it works over there, they have a MORAL DUTY to exact revenge against those they see as having wronged them, and that duty passes from father to son, etc. They are HONOR BOUND. Behold! The new messiah for the Islamic cause. The guy gets blown up while leaving a mosque! He looked like a fucking angel... We're totally fucked. .. And, the DOW has lost 6% since Feb., and took a big hit yesterday after this guy gets blown to pieces, which tells me we are LOSING the "War on Terror", IMHO. Isreal's action yesterday cost those invested in the stock market BILLIONS. Why bomb infrastructure or kill civilians when you can bomb the ECONOMY? Ariel Sharon is a war criminal, and should be tried and executed upon a verdict of guilt. And when the Palestinians lose their shit over this, don't be surprised if Sharon swoops in and obliterates Gaza and the West Bank.