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  1. How hard would Jesus climb?

    what levle is that on?
  2. How hard would Jesus climb?

    the best place wuld have to be purgatory.... but thatz my humbel opinin.

    hellz ya i now it. i suk down lognnecks ne chance i get booooy.
  4. Four letter word... volatile, crowbar sensitive.

    aaahhhh dooobies make it al the worhtwhile.

    im a beer chic. ne one else down?
  6. Globalization

    waht abuot the canadiens trask? dont they hase a contribution to make to the world too?
  7. The new rant:The utter trash here. Who are the rea

    "thansk for britenghing my day Rey!" yuor a poet and you didtn even now it, you should be pruod.
  8. Alp 1

    Wohoo! Ice is nice!! I lkie teh way these little critters jupm around
  9. Baby Rocco goes Ice Climbing

    You post taht sutff like somoene cares. Get a life.
  10. Moving to Seattle

    you wotn have any truoble geting a job here if yuo try hard. i rolled into seettle after two monhts in joshau tree and had fulltime work the next day. hell atfer a wile working i even haev a home now. good luck.
  11. TLG Caught in Action

    yaeh most girls juts hanguot, takse a real women to get to the top. eat a dikc bitch
  12. parking pass at the coulee

    ok i am macking a latte wiht one hand rihtg now and tping with the ohter. you try it. shit spiled
  13. parking pass at the coulee

    did i miss somthing this tiem?
  14. Oh Well

    what did i miss? did you taek it off?
  15. parking pass at the coulee

    phonics is not the problem, my phonics are ok. spelling is bad becuase im a little dislexic. did my MA thesis on dislexia and language, so i am very aware of it thankyou.