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  1. Cougars shouldn't mess with me!

    You mean a pussy-cat?
  2. Beta on tent for Denali?

    What about the hilleberg tents? They look pretty good.
  3. colonial

    oops that should be 'patterns'. And just because I can't tipe doesnt meen I stoopid.
  4. colonial

    Ha, sew your own. I made a pair of shorts using a pair of Pranas as a patters, out of Spandura. And DFA, for the REALLY hard routes that you can't climb, check out a 9.4mm rope and 3-cm dogbones for your wiregates. Maybe I should shut up and go climb. Still got homework though.
  5. ice tools

    Thanks Lambone. Say, do you need a partner for Colonial?
  6. colonial

    Say, IYHO, should I wear Miuras, Rock Socks, or underwear? I thought mountaineers don't-sorry that's DFA. My bad.
  7. ice tools

    Oh, I won't buy a Charlet-the paint job on the Axar is too ugly. I need a sexy tool, it doesn't matter how it climbs.
  8. colonial

    Pins? I'll need more than quickdraws, a 9.8mm rope, and some snazzy duds from Prana?
  9. Beta on tent for Denali?

    Anybody used the Stephensons Warmlite tents? I heard they are extremely strong and very, very light.
  10. Women are heat sinks

    Nobody wants to see trask-the sleeping bag didn't cover enough.
  11. ice tools

    Cobra costs a sh*tload though, even when bought from europe.
  12. colonial

    So it's in condition? Oh, I don't use GU, I use Powergels.
  13. Learning trad

    Or rather, how NOT to trad climb. Great movies, actually, you have good taste. Oh, and what about Cliffhanger? Damn, I wish I was as good as Stallone. Well, back to the gym for some weight training.
  14. colonial

    Then again, sex with death on 4+ sounds like more fun than the gym.
  15. colonial

    Aww, I was going to solo it with one axe and sneakers. Maybe I will anyways. Actually, I have no intention of climbing this face anytime soon, I only saw a photo of it and wanted to know how difficult the route is. Sounds like fun, though, let's wait a few months...