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  1. Merv and Lambone booted?

    Just pissing you off again. Minx suck it. Jon loser. Matt p power drill wilderness rap bolter.
  2. Gaper of the Year

    How about wankers of the year?
  3. Altimeter watches

    quote: Originally posted by allison: Leave me alone, you little twink. I get out plenty. I heard you get around plenty too. When's my turn or is this like Wheel of Fortune Altimeter watches are great navigational tools. Along with a built in compass I have to say that the Suunto Vector has few problems from my use other than the battery has had a lot of changes. [ 11-06-2002, 06:35 PM: Message edited by: RopeGunHooker ]
  4. coleman headwall / coleman glacier

    Hi my name is Scotty anti-smoking potty. I only climb for my ego. I luv me.
  5. Altimeter watches

    quote: Originally posted by allison: I've had excellent luck with my Casio as well. Had it probably six years, nothing but battery changes until this summer when the watch guy had to spend five minutes cleaning the alti sensor. Very accurate and reliable. Do you use it when you measure the altitude of the twinkie stand at 7-11 after you rob it? If you never gain any altitude how do you know it works?
  6. ice in the making?

    lambone, cavey was dissing ya. too bad your brain is too full of thc to understand a blatent dis ya dink [ 11-01-2002, 08:14 AM: Message edited by: RopeGunHooker ]
  7. The Date swap game at cc

    Wow, hard standards set by the goddess for the perfect man. Hell, ladies I have the easy std. for the purrrrrrfect wife. 1. wife has job 2. wife has 4x4 truck for hubby and her own car to get to her job 3. hubby is free to travel anywhere for climbing and other outdoor activities(with friends or with wife) Very easy to meet these standards.
  8. Rope Up!!!

    [ 10-21-2002, 03:20 PM: Message edited by: RopeGunHooker ]
  9. shooting range

    I was shooting at a local shooting range on W. Island last week where I witnessed quit a sight. This gal dressed in camo pants, combat boots (spit shined from the looks of it), white halter-top, and a Levi jacket walked in but carrying no weapons. Hummmm, I'm wondering where her boy friend or husband could be when she takes off her jacket reveling two Kemper 45’s with cherry grips. She waits for the firing to cease and and the safe to hang signal before hanging her target with the rest. At the all clear she pulls both pistols and begins to fire, eating the center out of the target with no errant rounds being displayed on the paper. Needless to say all in attendance were mesmerized with her shootings as well as with her personal attributes. My kind of woman.
  10. Easy routes for beginning trad lead

    quote: Originally posted by AA: quote:Confidential to Erik: My hooters are huge big boy so is this what I have to do to get a partner around here?? I thought that is what many women do I do it all the time.
  11. scrambling

    My dong is as large as any wall in Yosemite and made of granite. Lusty ladies come on
  12. scrambling

    My dong is as large as any wall in Yosemite and made of granite. Lusty ladies come on

    You easily hook up with climbers on this site? Do the two words "tits" and "ass" mean anything? For fuck's sake, of coarse you're going to easily hook up. For every woman on this site, there's 50 horny, swinging horse cocks just waiting to jump on you. Women have it so easy in the climbing community! You need an experienced climber to go up El Cap with? Done! You need to hook up to roadtrip to Red Rocks? Done! You need a nice, big horse cock? Done! -Heinous Did somebody call
  14. Al Qaeda in Orygun!

    quote: Originally posted by sexual chocolate: Come on.... You know you love him! We all don't love little boys like you do.
  15. rope-up update

    I'll be pimpin sum hoe's fo da brudas out dere.