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  1. Adams SW Chutes

    By "sled" do you mean a pulk or a snowmobile? Because my answers (in order) would be "Yes" and "Maybe." We did the Chutes in mid-July last year. Always thought it'd be fun to get on it earlier.
  2. what does bob say to charlotte?

    People took the movie too seriously. Lost in Translation was really a cross between Manhattan and a Cheech and Chong comedy. Look at the initials: “LiT”? The biggest clue is that it’s 4:20 on the clock when he wakes up. The whole movie they wander around in a stupor. Jet lag? Yeah, right…
  3. what does bob say to charlotte?

    He said "We'll always have Tokyo." The question that was bugging me was, who played Lydia Harris? Bob's wife. It's an important role but there's no credit given. Whoever it was, they had another un-credited voice-on-the-phone part in The Virgin Suicides. I'm about 98% sure they were both done by Coppola.
  4. Old sayings

    "All posts are trolls."
  5. FS: Patagucci Talus Pants

    I might take 'em. Check your PM's.
  6. Favorite Cartoon Characters

    Okay, he's been taken already, but he's my fav too. Just look at that handsome devil.
  7. Bolt Gun

    A partner once had an idea for a sticky-backed bolt hanger. He was gonna call it the P3, which stood for Purely Psychological Protection.
  8. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Gads, don’t lump mine in w/ Doolittle’s statement! I really don’t know who’s cutting your checks. It could be anybody. My point was the same as your own: the desire for murderous revenge is perfectly natural. Whether it’s reasonable is another question. Still, I think you’ve shown us the problem with the “proximity makes for a more objective pov” argument. Afa the “war being about the bling” goes… Dood, I learned that from you.
  9. Adopt-the-Butte Day

    Great! I'll bring the Bocsh.
  10. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Sure, why not? That war's all about the bling anyway. But this is what I was just saying - a couple of dead family members and "Someone is going to die..." 'Til all the world is blind.
  11. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    \Mer"ce*na*ry\, a. [OE. mercenarie, F. mercenaire, fr. L. mercenarius, fr. merces wages, reward. See {Mercy}.] 1. Acting for reward; serving for pay; paid; hired; hireling; venal; as, mercenary soldiers. 2. Hence: Moved by considerations of pay or profit; greedy of gain; sordid; selfish. --Shak. For God forbid I should my papers blot With mercenary lines, with servile pen. --Daniel. Syn: See {Venal}. \Mer"ce*na*ry\, n.; pl. {Mercenaries}. One who is hired; a hireling; especially, a soldier hired into foreign service. --Milman. Why mince words? Could there possibly BE a more PC term than "security consultant?"
  12. Winning Hearts & Minds Pt.371

    Most of us are maybe two months of paychecks and a few murdered family members away from being just as savage.
  13. iPod mini

    Timmay!!! Has your Mini frozen yet?
  14. iPod mini

    One of these is essential for iPod use in a car. Line out -> preamp -> stereo jack -> CD line-in on your deck or a tape adaptor. Great sound, thousands of songs and a fully charged player when you get to the trailhead.
  15. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Please, Sir. May I 'ave a Nodder?
  16. Book recommendations

    Whatever you thought of "Into the Bank", I'd still recommend Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer. I think it's this decade's In Cold Blood. Grim but fascinating.
  17. Nice TR, but dood… your partner is a chicken! There's at least one medium-sized cam placement past that pin. The route (such as it is…) continues up along the left edge of the rubble gully until you can traverse right into the gully of boulders beneath the ears and climb the last fifteen or twenty feet to the bunny's head. The anchors are on the East ear. (The Rabbit Ears aren't in Oregon either!)
  18. A choice....

    (That's what I thought about Iraq. If the danger isn’t "imminent” and we’ve got them hemmed in with overflights and an inspection regime, why not just wait it out and spend our resources helping Afghanistan? Better climbing there too. Water under bridges, back to the topic.)
  19. Summer tele Camp @ Mt. Hood

    I'd say the corn window is a bit better than 20 min. It always depends upon the day and your altitude anyway. This year there’ll be snow for both sets, but I think you’re right about June being the better choice. It's not strictly a tele camp. I spent most of the first day cranking parallel turns with Stuart Craig. Around two I snuck into Leighton Whites class just long enough to get a sense of what a fantastic instructor he is. Then I met Nils on a lift. He was gathering a posse to ski a kicker in Zigzag canyon after hours. That was big fun. Afterwards we went down to the lot for beers on the tailgate. Sat. night after a shower and dinner they show the videos and the instructors will slow or stop the tape to highlight areas where you “need work”. Anyway, I don’t know what it costs these days, but imo, it was a bargain. Two days on snow with some of the best instructors you’re ever gonna meet.
  20. [TR] Jefferson- Milk Creek 3/13/2004

    Were there rolling turds? 'Cause otherwise...
  21. whippets vs light weight axe

    Aluminum crampons and a Whippet make a great Spring skiing combo, imo. Combined, they’re the tool of choice for low angle, but still slicker than snot, early morning snow. Then, once everything corns up nicely, they both vanish into your daypack.
  22. rec.climbing transplants?

    Guilty as charged. Slime and I were flaming away at one another for a couple weeks after the helicopter crash on Mt Hood. I hardly ever go there anymore, but Dingus still posts decent TRs from time to time. You wanna see a dead NG, check in on rec.skiing.backcoutry.
  23. Appeasement

    I'm saddened but not surprised that Spain can't be more like Florida...
  24. Appeasement

    That's democracy. How sad'll it be when the Iraqis vote for an Islamo-fascist regime? "Okay, that was your vote. Now, everybody back to the madrassa!"
  25. ahhhhhhh great writing! Thx, Ivan. Worth every word.