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  1. All that's missing are the rolling turds.
  2. Hey, Bush, NOW do you remember?

    Would it be stupid to assume we were? Don't answer that!
  3. Wake up America

    "When you're good with a $600 hammer..."
  4. Wake up America

    Way I read that piece seems like the military's the one sleeping at the switch. Embassies, HQs, bases, the Cole, the freakin? Pentagon!!! Maybe they should put more effort into protecting their assets and spend less time whining about whether they feel ?supported? or not.
  5. Wake up America

    Yeah, support the troops... Or else.
  6. Michael Moore

    Moore's no Eroll Morris. But Morris can be kinda dull, in a hypnotically fascinating kinda way. Still, word I?m hearing is that F.911 is by far Moore?s best work yet so I?m looking forward to seeing it. Never did understand why the gun nutz got so worked up over Bowling. I think they missed the point. Prolly missed seeing the movie in the first place. No great loss.
  7. What books are you reading?

    Krakauer got me started on a whole Mormon history jag thang. But lately I've been buried in my digicam's manual.
  8. movies

    I'll raise you and say that I thought the Chronicles of Riddick was better than the last two Matrixes. Matrii?
  9. Will miss Ray more than Regan

    "just an ol' sweet song..." Swing low, Ray.
  10. BOOKS

    I'm almost done with No Man Knows My History by Fawn Brodie and trying to break into Jose Saramago's Baltasar and Blimunda. No Man Knows is a beautifully written biography of Joseph Smith. You couldn't make that stuff up, truth being stranger than fiction, but so far, B&B is plenty strange. William Manchester ruined me for fiction.
  11. Giant PDX pub-climb send fest

    Way to go, Mike!
  12. Moore/ Berg: The Vortex of Spray

    PHILADELPHIA ? In an unused interview shot for Michael Moore's latest film, the American who was beheaded in Iraq said he was concerned about security there as he prepared to seek work as an independent businessman, his family said Saturday. Moore's crew shot the 16-minute interview with Nicholas Berg during an Iraqi business conference in Arlington, Va, on Dec 4, said his brother, David Berg. Nicholas Berg's decapitated body was found in Baghdad on May 8, and a video of his killing was posted on an Islamic militant web site several days later. Moore confirmed Thursday that he had footage of Berg ? shot for his film "Fahrenheit 9/11," which is critical of President George Bush ? but said he would share it only with the family. Moore sent copies of the footage to David Berg in New Jersey and sister Sara Berg in Virginia. Their parents will see the video after returning to their suburban home from vacation, David Berg said. Sara Berg said her brother told Moore's crew he was nervous about his safety in Iraq. "He recognized it was a concern, and he kind of pointed out that he'd worked in difficult situations before," Sara Berg said from her home in Virginia. "It's definitely something that he didn't shrug off." She said her brother seemed enthusiastic in the footage. David Berg, speaking from his home outside Newark, NJ, said it was "weird seeing Nick talk," but described the interview footage as dry. The interview, which was not conducted by Moore, centered on the technical work Berg hoped to find repairing radio transmission towers for his company, Prometheus Methods Tower Service. Berg, 26 when he died, also talks about humanitarian work he did in Uganda and Kenya. "Nick seemed to be fairly conscious of using this thing to promote his business," David Berg said. "The interviewer does ask him at one point about the money and he said no one's denying there's money to be made. But it's very clear when you watch it, Nick knew he wasn't going to make a lot of money." Moore said he had considered using some of the footage in his film but it got edited out, David Berg said. Some of Moore's staffers cried when they heard about Berg's death, the filmmaker told David Berg. "Fahrenheit 9/11," which recently won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, accuses the Bush administration of stealing the 2000 election, overlooking terrorism warnings before Sept 11, 2001, and fanning fears of more attacks to secure American support for the Iraq war. Given Moore's political leanings, David Berg said he was "really nervous" about what the footage of his brother might show. His brother wasn't overtly political, he said. "He went to Iraq because he had certain beliefs about helping people in messed up situations, but it's not like he was trying to help the Bush administration," David Berg said. David Berg said Moore handled the situation with "dignity, respect and discipline." "Michael Moore has really been a total class act with this whole thing," David Berg said. "He could have sold this to the media or stuck it in his movie." Sara Berg said she saw the video footage as a "gift." http://www.japantoday.com/e/?content=news&cat=8&id=300374
  13. Best slide guitar solo on a rock song

    Ry Cooder on "She Runs Hot" from the Little Village CD. Or on second thought, it's his solo on "The Very Thing" from Bop 'til You Drop. Bonnie Raitt also grew into an amazingly deadly elec. slide player. She kind of inherited/adapted that Lowell George sizzle. Most of her solos blow away anything Allman ever did, imo. Too bad about the both of 'em. Drugs suck, btw.
  14. How to keep your wife in line

    Save some money and hire a cleaning service.
  15. what you listen to today?

    Listening to Keith Jarrett just now. But I'm loading The Damnwell's, Bastards of the Beat and the newest CD from The Mammals on the ipod for listening to at work today.
  16. Why you shouldn't...

    ... put your photo on the Internet The Blueblocker treatment on steroids.
  17. Oh my god this is sick

    "The money was too good. I lost my head."
  18. Its Only A Matter Of Time

    Yeppers, only a matter of time...
  19. Kill Bill II review?

    It's just no good without Gogo... I preferred KB1 to two. But I wasn't all that wowed by either. KB1 was a non-stop splatter-fest with no resolution, and the ending of KB2 seemed anti-climatic to me. IMO, if they?d cut maybe 40 min. out of both they could?ve made one long, but really great movie.
  20. looking for a puffy

    What is that place down by Water Ave in PDX??? Gearline or something? Anyway, they had SD down puffers for under $60 last time I was in there. And one more time: US Outdoor doesn't sell the Forest Pass! Neither does Climbmax. (unless they're - sponsors now...) OMC, REI and the Mtn Shop all support the FDP.
  21. climbmax

    Climbmax is another store that doesn't sell the Forest Pass. I really hate seeing them get involved in this whole racing scene thing, though. -----Original Message----- From: T C xxxxxxxx Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 6:44 PM To: xxxxxxxx Subject: FWD: Mt Hood fwd: "The official speed record has been set on Mt Hood for a climb from Timberline Lodge to the Summit. April 9. 1 hour 56 minutes 39 seconds. Timed by Climb Max Mountaineering: Jacob Kammermeyer, and his associate Charlee Gribbon. Both have third-party status. Also set in this climb was the "Spring speed record", and the "Human-dog speed record". There have been three completely unverified time-reports in the last 20 years, and they were between 1 hr 33 min and 1 hr 47 min and done by Dr. Steve Boyer of Portland Oregon. However, (a) both the climbs themselves, and the times, were completely unverified; the climber self-timed with a stopwatch, (b) There is uncertainty about where the climber started, © self-timing can be affected by having your watch-buttons hit or snagged inadvertently by the clothing around your wrist and by gear and by wrist movements bending and flexing, (d) many climbers make their own "rules" such as stopping their stopwatches when they take water breaks, or have gear changes, or encounter route-finding problems, or have gear problems. Etc. See www.mountainspeedclimbing.org for details."
  22. [TR] St. Helens- Worm Flows 4/10/2004

    Ours was a fee-free ascent too. I had a sno-park pass, but that was it.
  23. [TR] St. Helens- Worm Flows 4/10/2004

    I was there Saturday, too. Same route. We skinned all the way to the top. And then skied all the way back down to the lot. A beautiful day, it would’ve been a roaster but for a steady westerly wind that kept the snow nice and cold. At least 2k of pretty decent corn. No knee-deep mank was encountered.
  24. Graphic Violent Ski porn

    No, it's a joke. Once again... thanks Tim & Jon. freshiez forever.