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  1. Good Reads?

    North to the Night by Alvah Simon and A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
  2. I've been Re-parented!

  3. Kurt injured?

    Damn, that hurts just to hear about. I HATE ladder falls. Take care of yourself AlpineK. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery!
  4. On Becoming a digital audio snob

    I still like having a hard copy. I'll rip CDs w/ EAC at 320 mbps and stash the mp3s on a remote drive just so tunes are easy to find. Still, if I really want to listen closely (which is actually not very often) I'll break down and dig out the CD or LP. Somewhere over 256 mbps I can't tell the difference between rips, but A/B switching between CDs and rips it's pretty easy to hear how much better CDA is. Most of my listening is either at work, in the car or on the iPod where having "real" quality rips seems less important. At least to me. So compared to CDA, do FLAC and OGG files pass the A/B test? Is there NO difference? And what's the size hit?
  5. Isn't that Carmen Brady???
  6. Real Live Jack Chick Comic

    It's true! Rock star pastor struck by lightning! (okay, maybe not, but jeeze! what a bonehead)
  7. Another music thread

    Right. Peyroux is more like a Leanne Rimes or Joss Stone, in that they're all "channeling" other singers. McKay, otoh, can write songs! The other thing about her that reminds me of Newman is that, imo, most of her material sounds better live than on the record.
  8. Another music thread

    McKay could be her generation's Randy Newman. Only maybe a bit more funny and way better looking. edit to add Live tracks
  9. Many hands make the load lighter and alla that... Meet us at the A-frame at 10 AM.
  10. What the %$#& Do we Know?

    Shoulda been titled: "What the %$#& does Ramtha know?"
  11. midafternoon joke break

    A snowboarder, an AT skier and a telemarker all walk into a bar. The bartender sez: "What is this, a joke?"
  12. Climb Max?!

    I am not gonna miss that ugly razor wire one bit.
  13. Mt. Hood Accident?

    ^^^ Yup, me too. ^^^ A very cool, sweet guy was our Todd. He'll be missed.
  14. Toast w/egg fried in

    "Chicken on a Raft."
  15. What's on your iPod?

    75 counting the New York Rock and Soul Review's version of Green Flower Street. But enough abt mine, what's on your iPod?
  16. Piste pressure on alpine plants

    Bravo genius. How 'bout you follow your own advice?
  17. What's on your iPod?

    Oversharing Alert! Afro-Cuban All Stars (10) Art Lande (8) Art Lande; Jan Garbarek (1) Art Of Noise (1) Audrey Hepburn (1) Ben Harper (14) Ben Kweller (12) Beth Orton (2) Bill Monroe (89) Billy Bragg (8) Birds Eye View (15) Blind Faith (6) Bob Dylan (4) Bonnie Raitt (9) Brewer & Shipley (1) Bruce Cockburn (1) Charles Lloyd (12) Chet Baker (3) Chicago (4) Chick Corea (1) Chucho Valdés; Irakere (3) Coldplay (1) Cyndi Lauper (1) Dada (37) Dashboard Confessional (1) David Bowie (2) David Grisman (12) David Grisman Quintet (11) Derek and the Dominos (3) Dido (2) Doc Watson (7) Donald Fagen (16) Duck Baker (3) El McMeen (2) Elvis Costello (40) Elvis Costello & the Attractions (35) Emmylou Harris (14) Eurythmics (1) Evanescence (3) Fountains of Wayne (28) Frank Zappa & the Mothers (13) George Gershwin (2) Gillian Welch (2) Gillian Welch and David Rawlings (20) Goo Goo Dolls (1) Gram Parsons (1) Iron & Wine (18) James Brown (8) Jane's Addiction (1) Jeff Beck (2) Jimi Hendrix Experience (3) Joey Baron (8) John Coltrane (1) John Hiatt (28) John Lee Hooker (2) John Stewart (4) Joni Mitchell (2) Jorma Kaukonen (13) Kaki King (9) Karan Casey (11) Keith Jarrett (8) Keith Jarrett Trio (4) Kim Richey (24) Led Zeppelin (17) Les McCann (2) Little Feat (42) Little Village (11) Liz Phair (10) Low Millions (11) Maceo Parker (8) Marc Johnson (10) Mark O'Connor (15) Martin Simpson (1) Mas & Rallo (1) Michael Hedges (9) Michael Macias (2) Miles Davis (1) Moby (1) Nancy Conescu and Friends (2) New York Rock and Soul Revue (1) Nick Drake (4) Nick Lowe (1) Nirvana (5) Nora Jones (1) O Brother Soundtrack (1) Oasis (12) Old & In the Way (19) Ozark Mountain Daredevils (2) Pat Kirtley (4) Pat Metheny (16) Pat Metheny Group (14) Pat Metheny with Dave Holland & Roy Haynes (9) Patty Griffin (10) Patty Loveless (8) Paul Simon (2) Peter Gabriel (8) Pierre Bensusan (3) Pixies (15) R.E.M. (25) Radiohead (9) Randy Newman (16) Rory Gallagher (21) Roxy Music (2) Ry Cooder (20) Ry Cooder & Manuel Galbán (12) Sam & Dave (4) Sam Phillips (13) Santana (3) Shakira (16) Sheryl Crow (30) Sim Redmond Band (1) Simon & Garfunkel (23) Snow Patrol (12) Son Volt (11) Sonny Landreth (21) Spirit (16) Steely Dan (48) Steppenwolf (10) Steve Baughman (2) Sting (21) Stockholm Syndrome (12) Taking Back Sunday (1) Talking Heads (9) Tango Project (1) The Band (28) The Beatles (66) The Byrds (1) The Chad Mitchell Trio (1) The Chick Corea New Trio (11) The Damnwells (9) The Doobie Brothers (1) The Grateful Dead (5) The Innocence Mission (15) The Mammals (13) The Millers (11) The Rolling Stones (26) The Shins (10) The Wallflowers (21) The Who (15) Thompson Twins (1) Tim Hill (3) Timbuk 3 (13) Toad the Wet Sprocket (1) Tom Long (2) Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (16) Toots Thielemans (2) Traffic (13) U2 (23) Van Halen (1) Van Morrison (15) Walter Becker (10) Wilco (27) Wild Colonials (9) Yeah Yeah Yeahs (11) Yo La Tengo (2)
  18. Another Music Thread

    Grant Street by Sonny Landreth will blow your hair back. The Damnwell's - Bastards of the Beat came out last summer and it's really not very good but for some reason I can't stop listening to it! Seems like I've never not listened to "Trace." If I were to get more Son Volt which one would it be?
  19. What Did You Do This Weekend?

    Saturday I played my new guitar 'til my hands gave out on me. And Sunday I had my best bc day yet this year skiing power-steering snow in Newton Canyon. "Retail is for rookies and rich kids."
  20. SoftShell Pants

    Tape slices together from the outside and then paint a thin coat of Seamgrip on the inside. Leave it dry overnight and pull the tape in the morning. Big cuts can get two coats, but I've yet to have a repair blow open.
  21. Men strike back! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Better to have loved a short girl than never to have loved a tall.
  22. closet country music listeners

    iPod sez: Buddy Miller, Kim Ritchey and Patty Loveless. I know Hank and Jimmy Rogers and etc. are supposed to be the classics, but I can't stand actually listening to 'em.
  23. Cross Country skiing from PDX

    I'd stop by Bennet Pass first (across Hwy 35 from Meadows) just to see if there was enough coverage. The road out is a nice family-friendly out and back. If Bennet's too thin try driving up the Cooper Spur Road, stopping somewhere before you get stuck. Skiing the C.S. road up to Cloud Cap is an awesome family outting. If the gate's closed (any day now?)it'll be a long walk to snow tho'. So maybe drive out the Gorge and up the HR valley, checking Cooper first. Then try Bennet. If that doesn't go T-line is your best last option.
  24. What'd Ya Get?

    A Zoobdude Action Hero!
  25. Good "Greatest Hits" albums

    I got a great "Best of Sam and Dave" last week.