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  1. Things that cost more than they should

    Sometimes money costs too much. (i know... emerson?) How can a parka cost more than a tent? Unit sales volume? Doesn't seem likely. Material costs? Manufacturing costs?
  2. Spring ski-in???

    My vote would go for a ski-in site. Corn camp is an art form. What works really well is a basin that drains to the North. That way you can ski the East facing walls early in the day and work your way around to the S. and W. aspects as they corn up. Around noon or so, when it all goes to slush, you go to work on the keg and party or power nap or whatever until the East facing walls start catching shade and setting up again. Then it’s time for the evening cocktail runs until the hills turn to ice and it's pardee time back at camp. Sleep, wash, rinse and repeat cycle. Ski times is good times.
  3. The secret's out!

    I think that might be my fault. Here and I thought we were all playing so nice? I guess some "negative vibes" are just more equal than other negative vibes.
  4. Spring ski-in???

    There's plenty of year left, Muffy. Go ski now!
  5. The secret's out!

    I’m hoping that the irony of your whining about the spray here by flaming me on another site doesn’t escape you, mr mouse. Other than that, I wish you Freshiez! And timmy, “imho” times too.
  6. Quest for Freshiez!

    So… who do I thank, Timmy or Tex? (Mighty magnanimous of whoever, anyway!) This'll be great. I'm not sure if this link ever got posted here, but it's a great little program for powder hounders. It’s similar to the wind telemetry charts that Iain had up. The programmers handle is "freshie," too. Coincidence? http://www.powderstash.com/
  7. The secret's out!

    Piker tele geeks… that’s a good thing, right? I wouldn’t judge the contents of that book by the comments one lonely f/lamer. Ttips covers all the glisse sliding bases and there’s more solid good info there than you could read in a lifetime, almost. They’re also a lotta fun, too. -JP
  8. Hey now, be nice. Everybody knows the best views in Oregon are in Washington. Best rock too… I was thinkin’ Maude as well, but so long as it hasn’t been taken, I’ll take Forbidden. There’s an eyeful or two of beautiful scenery from up there.
  9. Duh

    Right. It had occured... The Freshiezone gets my vote. Whatever it's called 'tho, thanks again.

    I don’t see the parallel. Will all our quarrellings come to naught when the neo-peace riots sweep over our lives? Leo’s not near as bad as he coulda been in this one. At least he’s not soaking wet and crying all the time. I couldn’t take another one of those. Unless it was Baz doin' da Bard again. Then, okay, maybe...
  11. Beacon Rock climbing description

    Nope. This guy'll strip chains too. I'm thinking specifically of those stations off the ledges. There was a nice set of chains installed there a couple of years ago… for about a week, then, poof! Snaffled off to some mysterious stash of slings and rings. Think about it. Shouldn’t that tree on tree ledge have something fixed around it? That poor thing is getting badly grooved from climbers rapping-off sans slings. But if you set it up with a nice coated chain and rings, or even a good stout set of slings and I guarantee, whatever you’ve fixed will be gone within two weeks. I have no idea what’s up there, but it’s a PITA.
  12. Beacon Rock climbing description

    It's all in "the Book," or almost all, anyway. [sidebar] Does anyone have any idea why that guy keeps cutting out the rap rings and webbing? Stations don't last a week up there. Someone’s got a freakin’ trunk full of webbing, rap rings and ratty old biners. Is there some “ethic” that’s being enforced here or what?
  13. New forum?

    Great idea. Free the Freshiez!
  14. Problems Suggestions and Ramblings

    OK, I'm gonna do some suckin' up here, but after this, that's it. You guys, that new front page layout is simply beootiful. I've gotta say, this whole site is amazingly well laid out. And w/o a doubt the quickest, easiest web-based forum I've ever seen in years of online lurkin'. Of course, the whole thing sucks when compared to a real newsreader, but for the web, this is very very nice. Congrats on a job well done. You guys have obviously worked really hard on this. OK, that's over. Where's the freakin' freshiez?
  15. Nicotine

    Here’s my thinking wrt nicotine: That cigarette you want will suck. It’ll never be as good as you think it’ll be. It’ll taste terrible and stink up your life and you’ll be kicking yourself for being an idiot. The cigarette you really want comes about a pack and a half after the first one, maybe two weeks from now. The question I ask myself is: “Do I really want to smoke two packs just to get one good one two weeks from now?” Framed that way my answer is no, not really, I don’t. In fact, not just no… Hell No! But that’s just what I tell myself. I’d tell you to give it a couple of weeks. A month goes by without ‘em and you’ll be wondering what the big deal was.
  16. White Pass

    There was a report from the 1st here: http://www.nwsr.com/reports/skireports.shtml
  17. CC Article

    I’ll leave any writerly advice for well… for the writers. But I do want to take quibbling exception to your characterization of lurkers as “creepy.” Lurkers are readers. And readers are who writers write for! There’s nothing even vaguely creepy about having readers around. I look at it this way: who’s more creepy? The lurker quietly reading the threads and topics that interest them, or the guy (or gal…) with nothing to say about climbing who won’t stop talking shit? Don’t get me wrong, nobody loves shit talking as much as I do (any wonder?), but I also respect those who want to lurk. To me, they represent raw potential. A vast and as yet untapped resource of information and bullshit. So I say, “Lurk on, you silent masses. They also contribute who STFU.” I’ll go lurk now…
  18. Anonymous Lurkers

    Always with your sexy stories... don't forget the flour. (So how much does a straight line normally go for?)
  19. Best Lit

    Kurt Cobain?
  20. REI - What does it take to de a director?

    I doubt that keeping “independents” happy is included in REI’s mission statement. You know, if you’re going to run for office you’ll have to stop expressing your opinion so honestly. (so many emoticons, but never just the right one...)
  21. REI - What does it take to de a director?

    You won’t get my vote. I’d rather see REI give up on house gear altogether. Leave the design, testing and manufacturing duties to companies that can specialize in making coats, boats and bikes and get back to selling well made gear at better than average prices. Saving members money by making larger purchase orders is why REI was formed in the first place, wasn’t it? As it stands now, REI is in competition with the companies that just want to design and build great gear. REI has no incentive to make a truly kick-ass parka, they only have to de-design one, so that it sells at a slightly lower price point than a Marmot, Patagonia or Arcteryx, where the truly innovative design ideas are coming from. IMO, that’s a recipe for mediocrity, lowering the bar for all gear design. When has REI ever tried to put a piece of gear “over the top” design-wise, like Arcteryx did? I’ve never seen any MEI stuff, but from what I’ve heard it’s pretty good.
  22. Mount Hood Meadows Expansion Update

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be there. “We're doing the mountain a favor by taking demand for recreation and accommodating it in areas where it's carefully managed and controlled…" -- Dave Riley, GM of Mt Hood Meadoze
  23. I’ve never been there, but I’m pretty sure you’ll need a 4WD. Probably a big white one. I thinkin’ a big, white T100 or something… Yeah, that’ll do it. So when are you embarking upon this tour du chosspile? [ 10-22-2002, 10:34 PM: Message edited by: nonanon ]
  24. Ramona Falls, Mt. Hood

    I tried that once. We skied in there through knee-deep snow and climbed rotten rime on the left side of the falls. I chickened-out about halfway up, threw a sling around a tree and lowered off. We messed around on toprope for awhile until some shutterbug on snowshoes following our trench started giving us a hard time for “ruining” the ice! At one time, I mentioned the wall in question to his Timness. I can’t remember exactly what he said about it, but he wasn’t wildly enthusiastic.
  25. Moondance

    Just started following this forum. What did Moondance refer too before it fell into dis-use? Tried a site search to no avail.