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  1. So how do you lean?

    Hangin’ loose and fulla juice! More of the Same. Only different…
  2. Homework for cc.com Music Lovers

    Well Frank settled down in the Valley and hung his wild years on a nail that he drove through his wife's forehead he sold used office furniture out there on San Fernando Road and assumed a $30,000 loan at 15 1/4 % and put down payment on a little two bedroom place his wife was a spent piece of used jet trash made good bloody marys kept her mouth shut most of the time had a little Chihuahua named Carlos that had some kind of skin disease and was totally blind. They had a thoroughly modern kitchen self-cleaning oven (the whole bit) Frank drove a little sedan they were so happy One night Frank was on his way home from work, stopped at the liquor store, picked up a couple Mickey's Big Mouths drank 'em in the car on his way to the Shell station, he got a gallon of gas in a can, drove home, doused everything in the house, torched it, parked across the street, laughing, watching it burn, all Halloween orange and chimney red then Frank put on a top forty station got on the Hollywood Freeway headed north Never could stand that dog
  3. Ski tuning?

    I hot wax regularly, but very rarely break out a file and then only for the biggest burrs. The one time I had my skis professionally tuned, I let them bevel the edges and absolutely hated the way they skied ever after. Years ago, there was an article in some climbing magazine about ski mountaineering. IIRC, the writer recommended never tuning or waxing your skis because if you’re on an expedition, they’ll inevitably go to shit so you oughta just get used to it. Easily the worst advise I ever read.
  4. Warning!! ->Major Chestbeating

    Take it to Spray, asseyes! (just kidding) Congratulations! When’re the online lessons starting?
  5. anybody shred this weekend?

    A friend and I climbed the Tilly Jane trail just for fun. We didn’t hit snow until around 4,900’ after which there were only a few spots of bare ground to cross. Made it to the A-frame in 1hr45m and continued up along the Southern ridge of the Elliot until we got to 7,300’. As usual, the snow was pretty wind-impacted up there and it sure didn’t look like it’d be getting much better further up, so we pulled the pin and ripped back down over variable ice and crust to treeline where conditions improved muchly. For the rest of the afternooon we followed the “never leave good snow to find good snow” school and fired-off laps of tree shots before heading down trail. The trail had corned up nicely and we were able to fly down to snowline with only a little mowing of beargrass. No epics of mountaineering will be written about our trip. We just had a fun day on skis. Good to see you here, Extremo! Good luck with that knee.
  6. FS: Merrell Supercomp tele boots, men's 11

    Gar! Piracy? Maybe if I'd re-titled the thread, "Booty Call" or something. I'll throw in a pair of old socks!
  7. Wet Tee Shirt Contest

    Primer mi carucha, chevy '39 Going to El Monte Legion Stadium Pick up on my weesa, she is so divine Helps me stealing hubcaps, wasted all the time Fuzzy dice, bongos in the back My ship of love is ready to attack Won’t you please Hear my pleas
  8. FS: Merrell Supercomp tele boots, men's 11

    Hope you don't mind if I horn in here but... I've got a pair of 9.5 SuperComps I'd be happy to give away to a good home in the PDX area. I got my $'s worth out of them long ago. They're not in perfect condition but you can't beat the price! PM me for details.
  9. musical taste (or lack of it)

    Rubisa Patrol - Art Lande/Mark Isham My Song - Keith Jarrett Glow - Innocence Mission Armed Forces - Elvis Costello Martinis and Bikinis - Sam Phillips Chicago Transit Authority - CTA (for side one alone) Discipline - King Crimson Eleven Tracks of Whack - Walter Becker Basket of Light - Pentangle Come to think of it, I've replaced all but two of these for one reason or another...
  10. Check out this guy!

    Outstanding article. That last quote is a keeper! Thanks for posting it.
  11. Annoyances

    People who won’t “cover” their cough. That one’s always peeved me off, but I imagine it becoming a more common annoyance in months to come…

    There were at least four serious, but separate, problems with the O2 binding, so BD pulled them off the market back in January, or thereabouts. I traded mine in for T9s and have skied, hassle-free, everafter. Total recall notice.
  13. Bush is a Cowboy

    Funny how all of the cowboys mentioned in that article were really actors. How gay is that?
  14. Checking out the Coe

    Noicely done guys. Great running into you down in the walley. Bring on Spring!
  15. The Hunted

    Why would they re-make a Spanish language version? The original had hardly any dialog to speak of... Catch "The Quiet American" before it leaves the theatres.
  16. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    Deduct 75 points for not being able to figure out how to tweak the page.
  17. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    Allow me to exercise my newly found Insightful Linguisousity. SPOILER ALERT!!! The olorscay from the previous aresquay shifted to opposite idessay and two new olorcay were introduced to the order. Did someone say Pimpz???
  18. Average IQ of a CC.com poster

    I'm at one with what's left of my blondness... 133 and proud to be a dumbass. Stop being such a sourpuss TC, we're all climers (sic) here. Right?
  19. St. Helens climb/ski

    I don't know what the current conditions are either, but for a number of reasons, I'd agree that the West side routes are more fun to ski than the South.
  20. So...

    "flappinumm..." :>( )<
  21. Did you ski some Fresh, err, Slushies?

    Nice pictures! I was soaking it all in at SkiHole, yesterday. Slushiez all over the place! Outback was stellar up top, but mighty thin on those exit shots to the Log road. I screwed up a landing (all by myself!) and came away with a headache and a slightly black eye. Good luck with the knee, IandI.
  22. Fict

    Fictious??? If only...
  23. we'll never know

    To propagandize. Or so I’ve heard…
  24. Succinct Statement from President George W. Bush

    But we will “live at the mercy of” North Korea, China, Iran, the soon to be Islamofascist (thx, W!) Pakistan, etc… Or are we gonna Shock and Awe them too?
  25. What happend to Rockclimbing.com?

    Ripped from the pages of rec.climbing this AM. Martin Carpenter" <mcarpenter@free.fr> wrote in message news:<3e79ed2d$0$30730$626a54ce@news.free.fr>... > > "Acrophobic" <rbras@hotmail.com> wrote > > > seems to have been down for a few days. > > DNS problems > > NetSol have done something bad to the authority records and are > struggling to fix it. In the meantime, the IPs are gradually expiring > from DNS caches around the world... > > If you're an addict, then you can put the IP(s) in your hosts file and > still get to the site. You'll need a few lines like this: > > www.rockclimbing.com > photos.rockclimbing.com > ads.rockclimbing.com > > If you're running a Windows flavoured machine, the hosts file is > typically: > > C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts > > and under UNIX-like systems, it's: > > /etc/hosts > > You should remove these lines when the DNS problems are fixed, just in > case the IPs change in the future. > > Martin (please don't ask me who I work for). > HIH