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  1. Fukin A!

    Hey, if it was good enough for Zappa, I'll steal it!
  2. Fukin A!

    Snowboy, you're a big troublemaker! IME, the tipsters can be every bit as vile and pernicious as alla you badboy CC.commies. Their posts just get deleted. Here tho’, thx to our hosts, we may revel in our assholynesses. They live under threat of death that we may Spray.
  3. so what do you use

    I’ll use my F1 until it breaks, or I break it. But thanks for reminding me to practice!
  4. Alphabet soup

    maybe I should eat a red vine but those don't say anything ////// ?
  5. Alphabet soup

    Wait a minute... You mean you ATE the talking soup???
  6. French's Dome Retro

    I had a short busload of jib-school campers try to tell me that they’d “put up all the routes” at Frenchies. Anybody know if that’s true? [rant] If ever there were a place that highlights the money grabbing, boondoggling nature of the FDP, it’s gotta be French’s Dome. The parking area is a freakin’ powerline road. The trail is all of two blocks long. The routes almost certainly weren’t put in by the USFS. And yet, people seem willing to pay to play... period. The only thing the FS ever had to do was put up a sign.* Somebody hit me with the clipstick of clue if I’m wrong about this. *I’m sure if enough people complained, they’d bring up a portolette and put a sign on it saying, “Your FDP dollars at work!”
  7. Quote for the Day

    […] asked by Letterman what his illness had taught him about living, Zevon said, "How much you're supposed to enjoy every sandwich." All you need is Lunch (ya ta, dadada) All you need is Lunch (“everybody now…”) All you need is Lunch, Lunch. Lunch is all you Need.
  8. uggh, work

  9. Quote for the Day

    Brings to mind: “Madame, we’ve already determined what you *are* - now we’re just haggling over the price.” --Groucho (I think… or maybe trask, I can’t recall.)
  10. Timberland trail?

    He’s forgetting the ever awesome Gnarl Ridge, too. "Technically", the T-line trail (#600) doesn't go through Paradise (#757), irrc. Not that that stops anyone from going on up there while doing the loop. The same could be said of the McNeil Ridge bypass, or the Dollar Lake loop. And even though I wouldn’t want to carry too much pack up and over Barrett Spur, it’s still an easy daytrippin’ diversion from the 600 trail. Loving this cold rain!
  11. uggh, work

    I can attest to TD being a solid partner - on site and elsewise. He on snow too.
  12. Most idiotic place you've found free gear?

    Two REI lockers, two ovals and two sewn slings. All neatly clipped to two Metolius rap hangers...
  13. Fer all you democrats out there,

    With the exception of the Zebra doozie, all of the quotes attributed to Gore were originally miffed by Dan Quayle (who was working the China connection for K2 last I heard.) At any rate, you’ve gotta figure that anyone who talks as much as politicians do is gonna slip up once in awhile. And Bush, in his own faux-folksy way, makes it work for him. Whether it works for us is a question we’ll have to answer next year.
  14. Eliot creek bridge

    Ivan, I think you're talking about the trail #600 bridge over Elliot creek. The Clear Creek road closure, otoh, goes until the 28th. Just a FYI.
  15. Touch My Tuft: An Oregon CC.com Love Fest

    Plumptuous! Attendance might even surpass the Green Lakes Flabfest.
  16. Another reason for REI to suck

    REI = GI Joes.
  17. Timberline - New lift proposal

    What's next? [...] “The lower mountain often closes due to poor snow conditions. When this happens my friends and I usually go home early ‘cause there’s no lift to the summit and we’re too lame to climb. Therefore, Standinline needs more terrain near the summit.” [...] Brilliant! But seriously, I don’t see how this lift does anything for T-line wrt terrain. It might help with the lines for a little while, but the “if you build it…” factor would kick-in almost immediately. Curiously, ski areas on Mt Hood never consider solving this problem by selling fewer tickets.
  18. Timberline - New lift proposal

    Loved the comment letter tips! Here. […] This is the kind of comment the Forest Service can respond to: “The upper mountain often closes due to poor conditions. When this happens, my friends and I usually go home early because there is not much terrain on the lower mountain. Therefore, Timberline needs more terrain on the lower mountain.” (Example of substantive comment) […] More terrain on the lower mtn… What’re they gonna do? Bring in fill? Thanks, Iain.
  19. We are all SINNERS!!!

    Yeah, right! If that were even remotely true, Canadian sheep would be extinct.
  20. Sharpton is a fucking moron

    I say we pay everybody off and move the fuck on. Natives, Immigrants and Internees alike. While we're at it, we shoulda just paid the Iraqis $25,000 apiece and skipped all of that John Waynery. Everybody gets their money, we all get a big tax cut and it’s all good again! I mean, as long as the tab is on your kids, and their kids, and their kids…
  21. Razorblade Pinnacle, anyone?

    Isn't your name already in the summit register? Xavier something or other?
  22. Orgeonian Article

    Click Me! The O-live site is sooo lame. So if you have to go thru the faux registration page, lie about everything and once you’re in, paste the following into the address bar. http://www.oregonlive.com/search/index.ssf?/base/metro_east_news/1059567153164150.xml?oregonian?en
  23. Whatcha Readin?

    I finished The Botany of Desire a week ago or so. I was planning on wading back into the Clash of Civilizations, but fortunately, a friend loaned me Seabiscuit.
  24. favorite all-time movie

    Diva, a book? Please provide linkage. TIA Bill Murray was good in Rushmore. But he was better in Caddyshack. Might've even Oscar-ed if it hadn't been for that scene stealin'
  25. favorite all-time movie

    Dershu Uzala or Babette's Feast! Wild Things was good. How about Diva? Laurel Canyon is a fav for this year, so far.