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  1. On losses, regulations, and free will.

    I was unaware of the specifics "impact of a few bolts", and was talking more in general terms. Each person should do their best to minimize their individual impact. From driving a more economical car, or even a hybrid, to minimizing waste, to donating to environmental causes, and or volunteering. I think in the big picture Potter was no doubt a positive force but had minor disagreement with the impact of some of the things he did (mainly the use of helicopters). I don't blame him for anything, and think any climber can get caught up in the moment and not think about the impact. Just think that if he'd been a little bit more informed he might have done some things just a little bit differently. And then when you use "some logical perspective" and compare him to someone like BP's Tony Haward then Dean's detrimental impact is virtually near zero.
  2. On losses, regulations, and free will.

    There's no reason you can't, at the same time, be as environmentally conscious as possible. Sure the modern first world existence has impact, but there's no reason it can't be minimized as much as practically possible.
  3. Teachers Strike

    LOL! Like that's going to happen with today's kids.
  4. Teachers Strike

    didn't you mean OVER market?
  5. RIP Dean Potter

    It made the national radio news and it's on HuffPost. YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) -- A Yosemite National Park spokesman says extreme athlete Dean Potter and another man have died in a BASE jumping accident. The spokesman says Potter and Graham Hunt died late Saturday after attempting a wingsuit flight from a 7,500-foot promontory called Taft Point. A search-and-rescue mission began overnight when the jumpers' spotter lost contact with them. Crews found their bodies Sunday in the Yosemite Valley. No parachutes had been deployed. ----------------------------- So sad. I met him in 1998 half way up the Salathe, when he and Jose Pereyra were doing a speed ascent. His head was shaved and all he was wearing was shorts and a camelback. He was the epitome of being alive. I think after Jose died was when Dean started getting into the more extreme stuff. But base jumping is an extremely dangerous sport, not sure if anyone survives doing it long term. Dean Potter on the Salathe with Jose Pereyra leading. FLY ON MAN
  6. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    If you read the Snopes Barton article the conclusion is not "false" but "mixture". Basically he did say this stuff and he's being paraphrased in the funny. On the other hand, your Carville submission is a TOTAL lie. And now you are lying, claiming you knew that and were posting it in response to my post which you claim is a lie, but it's not. What a douche. What's wrong Turdweather, no response to try and find someone dumber than the bush boy village idiot? LOL! DUMBEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!
  7. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    that sounds like a good idea
  8. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Well the initial impression just from knowing Carville pretty well is that this just doesn't sound like him. And the dead giveaway of the use of the word "Democrat", which in this case is improper, the correct being "Democratic". But this is a favorite method of Rush (Pigboy) Limbaugh and his ilk. To use the incorrect word because it ends in "rat". Strictly juvenile and low class. Trying to link this to any Dem also falls flat just from the false premise that Dems are less clueless than Repugs because any Dem knows that's just not true. So let's check Snopes shall we Dimweather? Just Google the title of this little funny, what do you know, the top hit. LINK. And, just as I thought, it's false. Carville never made this statement and there is no record of him having ever done so. So typical of the knuckle-draggers on the right, can't find any really bad facts to put out about Dems, so they just pull sh*t right out of their ass. And as the old saying goes. When the Repugs stop lying about the Dems then the Dems can stop telling the truth about the Repugs. So once again Dumbweather, you've taken a beat down, you must be getting used to it by now. Oh BTW please link to some facts showing a dumber Dem president than the bush boy, as evidenced by the funny I posted with the six idiotic Bushism quotes. And try to pick one that's not pulled out of some knuckle-draggers ass. It's going to be tough, good luck.
  9. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Uhhhhhhhhhhh, no? Believe it Hateweather
  10. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 5/10/2015

    Nice pics. So did you get any rock or ice fall while you were on the climb? Amazing how fast the lake melts out, I climbed TC just 2 weeks ago and a skier went right across the lake.
  11. [TR] Colfax Peak - Cosley-Houston 5/10/2015

    YEEEEE HAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
  12. Altimeter app

    Running Android what is the name of the app so we can search it?
  13. Altimeter app

    It would be nice if it worked. All the existing alt apps are inaccurate. One of them says I'm -56 ft. at my house. So how would you make it accurate going only off GPS? If it worked it would be nice to have total cumulative gain, max height. And maybe a save feature that would record altitude with time. And maybe a rate feature, like ft per hr.
  14. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 5/3/2015

    I'm skeptical for this weekend sat sun freeze level 9,500 to 10,300 weather.gov high 47, low 34 def want to go early like an hour or three before sunrise
  15. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Yeah, but there's a difference between responsible drilling and irresponsible drilling. But hey, money trumps safety, and if we just leave these paragons of virtue alone they will self regulate themselves. Always interested in the technical aspect of things. Do you know what happened to cause the BP blowout and how it was dealt with? There was a really good 60minutes vid of one of the survivors explaining it but it got taken down, but it's still out there under an obscure title.
  16. [TR] HOOD - North Face - Right gully 5/3/2015

  17. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Yeah we can't even safely drill in the Gulf of Mexico, let's go to the arctic where the objective hazards are magnitudes worse.
  18. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    No kidding? Palin's not running? Following the thread it was a comparison of intelligence between conservative/liberal. In this case of former and current presidential candidates. (Palin was effectively a presidential candidate because Mac would have died in office) Not saying all conservatives are stupid but this one sure is. The dumbest of the dumb, even Faux news made fun of her. Then if you really want to talk dumb we can discuss Dubya. The Repugs don't really care how dumb their candidates are because, they know dumb makes a better puppet, and the Repug base is dumb enough to vote for a complete idiot. Once again you can't admit Repugs are at least as corrupt as Dems. If Palin is less corrupt than Clinton it's only because she hasn't been in office as long. Kate Middleton I voted for Obama the first time around, mostly because hey, the first black president. I sort of kidded myself he might not be that bad. He was way worse (corrupt) than I thought. Didn't vote for him the 2nd time. We haven't had a good president since Kennedy, all you get is the lesser of two evils, and usually that is the Dem.
  19. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    Who's smarter, Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton? Bristol Palin or Chelsea Clinton? But hey those Palins sure can rumble at a party ehh? If Kate visited the WH and gave them some lip they could give her a beat down.
  20. Compelled to Climb- Have a few Questions

    Freedom of the Hills is not that bad, and is especially applicable for beginners. You can also find it used. Yes synth is not as compressible as down but there are some nice (silicone) compression stuff sacks made by Sea To Summit that will get a synth bag or jacket compressed to half normal size. The last climb I did was a 2 day climb with a medium size bag and my warmest puffy, all fit inside a day pack that weighs less than 1 pound. Synthetic is a margin of safety and comfort where moisture is a possibility. On a multi day climb you are going to be comfortable with down, as long as the weather forecast doesn't change in the middle of your trip. Yes there can be an overemphasis on gear, but the more you pay attention to the details the more versatile your kit is going to be. And starting out you might not even want to hold yourself down to one type of climbing. I started out being a peak bagger with Rainier, Denali, Aconcagua on my list, but I got sidetracked by rock climbing and only ever made it to Rainier. But I've since climbed every type of climbing there is and feel just as fulfilled. There's two ways a large peak can be climbed that will decide how light you want to go. One is going up and down on the same route. The other is a carryover, going up one route (usually harder) and down another easier route. When you do a carryover you probably want to go lighter because you are taking everything over the summit. On a two day carryover climb maybe sacrificing some sleeping comfort knowing it will only be for one night. When ascending descending the same route you can take a heavier sleeping bag because you can leave it at high camp, and go to the summit from high camp with just a bivy sack for safety. A rookie just starting out is going to go up and down the same easy route but the carryover is something to consider for the future. Another thing to consider when climbing the volcanoes, and this especially applies to Rainier, is the alpine start. This is where the light weight time factor really comes into play. You leave high camp somewhere around midnight to 2 am. You want to summit and get back down across the glaciers before the snow bridges across the crevasses get soft from the day's sun and heat. This can also apply when all you are crossing is snow and not glaciers. Snow is much easier to climb when it's somewhat frozen and consolidated than when it has a melted layer on top. Climbing a 14K peak from sea level in 1 or 2 days has been compared to a marathon, mostly because of the altitude gain. Gaining 14K in this short time is pushing the limits of the pressure differential that your body can handle. This can be alleviated by acclimatizing at 4000 ft or higher for a couple of days before the climb. I've climbed Rainier both ways and I climbed Shasta after hanging out in the foothills below for 3 days. The comparison in difficulty is huge. Summiting in 2 days is somewhat of an ordeal for most people, doing it with acclimatization makes it almost easy and much more enjoyable. I would start with Hood, it looks like you already have an offer on this very thread. But the easy route on Shasta in summer is not that difficult either, and with just a little patience you can find someone that will take you.
  21. [TR] Alpine Lakes - Dragontail Gerber-Sink 5/2/2015

    Watched a skier cross the lake coming and going on the 29th, of course the weight is more distributed with skis. The Gerber Sink gets afternoon sun for 2 or 3 hrs, this is at 5:45
  22. Libtards on Parade: Alcoholism, Corruption, Murder

    There's three types of Republicans, the super rich, the shills for the super rich, and the misinformed who vote against their own interests.
  23. Backpacking with white gas

    I tried putting gas in a lexan bottle one time, it ate into the plastic. Maybe a 1 gallon plastic gas can? But it's probably not too much lighter than a metal can, and roughly the same shape. And the DOT approved gas caps now are really funky. The plastic that they make milk jugs out of is gas proof but the caps are weak. Just bite the bullet, a rectangular can is better than a square one anyway. BTW when you say MSR cans are you talking the 1 qt cans? Those are not even cost effective, just buy Coleman fuel in the 1 gallon can, it's the same thing. And you can crush them when they are empty.