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  1. Patagonia Finn approach shoe.

    Patagonia contracted out to Merrell to manufacture their shoes. Patagonia makes great gear...not so sure about Merrell.
  2. Marmot's new "900-fill" down ???

    Dear Sphinx, Who is "andy kirkblahblah", what does he have to do with down, and why are you his agent? Sorry I didn't realize your soapbox isn't big enough for 2 voices... so let me get this right...you "read articles by people who know what they are talking about"...read the NY times lately... Opinions and facts are a bit different...aren't reviews just someones opinions? Fact is 900 and 1000 fill down has been around longer than you have...
  3. Marmot's new "900-fill" down ???

    Dear Contentious, Easy there naysayers... just cuz you haven't seen it or done it- I'll happily provide you with the test results from Marmots AND from the IDFL. Most of our 800 bags are testing at over 900 fill... I know the sphinx was a myth which could easily explain your attitude... As for you "so-called Allison"- how do you have a clue as to what down is available or not on the market? I'll be glad to speak further with you if you're a little more respectful and not so aggro....
  4. Mark Newcomb slide show on 1st ascent Sepu Kangri

    The shows free...
  5. Marmot's new "900-fill" down ???

    Hello, Marmot has been making down products for 28+ years. Remember the Eiger Sanction? Marmots first big order was making 108 puffy down jackets for the movie. I do work part time for Marmot Mountain Ltd, so I can share what I do know. Most of our down is sourced from eastern Europe, primarily Poland, from 2-4 yr old geese. Most of the down that comes from asia is from young "immature" geese usually not over 16 months old. The European down provides the high quality fill down. Marmot does test down out of every 16lb bag of down that we receive from our supplier. This testing is done in-house at Santa Rosa, Ca. - I have seen the down testing room and the test results. Marmot also sends samples to the International Down and Feather testing laboratory...yes there really is such a place...located in Salt Lake City. The IDFL is an independent testing company. I have their test results on paper as well. The results from both tests are then matched up to ensure and verify that the down fill power is what it is claimed by the supplier and by Marmot. Believe it or not...but there isn't a "goose-down Cop" writing tickets to companies because their down fill-power isn't really what they claim. Anyone (ie. company) can claim their down is "XXX" fill power and not be held legally accountable. Marmot consistently tests to uphold our standards for quality...not someone elses. Every 800 & 900 fill bag from Marmot has a certification tag with a # on it that matches what batch of down the bag was filled from. Marmot also doesn't bash other companies for their claims...but we can certainly verify our fill power from an independent tester and our own in-house tests. Just thought some of you folks might be interested in our process of bags and fill-power.
  6. Fri May 16th, 7pm at the Seattle REI, Mark Newcomb slide show covering 1st ascent of Sepu Kangri from fall 02 and 1st ski descents on the Grand Teton. Sponsored by Marmot with prizes to be raffled.
  7. Discounted Down Jackets and Vests

    Dear Mr. Down... There are other companies using 800+, yes even 900 fill down, feathery friends and w. mtneering do not have the exclusive corner on the down market. Does feathery frnds actually test their down or just claim that it is blah-blah fill power.
  8. DWR lifespan

    When washing your garment its a good idea to use a non-detergent cleaner as detergents do wash away dwr and leave residues that attract water molecules into your garment. Nikwax is enviro-friendly as it contains no harsh chemicals, no animal bi-products, no petroleums or fluorocarbons etc... revivex does contain some not so enviro-friendly stuff. Be wary what you put on your expensive leather boots as fish oils (snow seal) actually dry and crack the leather over time. As for down products, wash with non-detergents and be aware that "down proofing" products will take 5%-10% of loft away.