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  1. Fejas said:

    I heard your not even a real skiier... You jib with the kiddies over by the sunshine chair... I also heard that you'd rather sit at home watchin puppy porn on the web cam then acually going in to the mountains to harvest fresh corn... I think your just a puffer that wears his baby blue one peice around bend to be cool... drinking a soy latte' wilst looking through the LL bean and eddie bower with the rest of the yuppies down town bend.... tongue.gif


    its all true. laugh.gif

  2. really??


    if I had my rope out, harness on, was tied in, on belay, and was simply racking up to go, you'd get right on the route?




    At some point, I learned how not to be an asshole. Maybe you missed that part of childhood?


    Nah, you're just trolling for another response, right? Right? Eh, comrade? Eh? Eh?


    Well, I'm not going to fall for THAT trick.








    Oh, wait. Damn. Just did. laugh.gif


  3. Bronco said:

    Cletus said:

    Just a little food for thought. Seems like the oh-so-touted climbers ethics are a bit of a double standard if you change sports.


    Sorry, I didn't explain that I had gone all the way to the top of the ridge and about half way down the run I encountered the dudes who had just skinned up to the top of a glade. This is across the street from Stevens Pass Resort and a popular yo yo destination, from what I gather.


    So it's more like if I were on a multipitch route and some goobers walk onto the route on a ledge half way up the route and stand around at the belay. Would I be a dick to climb through? No! Should I stand around and wait for them to gear up? No.




    oh well in THAT case, fuck em. You're already skiing down from the top, right? Maybe take a slightly different line around them, but hey, maybe they should have gotten up earlier.


    The principle is still the same - the first party gets to go first unless they give up the privildge. And in this case, you were first, no?


    My hair, it is perfect, no?



  4. you seem to be saying that untracked powder is one time thing. If I beat you to it, maybe you should come back after the next storm.


    Anyway, there's a big difference between what you said - asking to climb through/ski by - and simply dropping in. If a party is having lunch, for instance, okay, itd be nice if you asked, but not essential. If they're gearing up to go shortly, I think its dumb, irresponsible, and petty. And if I'm within a minute or two of dropping in, I'll be catching you shortly, and won't have any reservations about jamming my pole up your ASS.


    On the other hand, some people like that sort of thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that. laugh.gif



  5. a semi-serious reply.


    if you came up on someone obviously gearing up at a base of a climb, would you go right up and start leading the first pitch? where I come from, the answer is no.


    why is this any different?


    Just a little food for thought. Seems like the oh-so-touted climbers ethics are a bit of a double standard if you change sports.


    Hypocrisy, or not?


    Personally, if you ski under me while I'm preparing to safely rip my line, you will get what is coming to you eventually. Karma is a bitch - do this sort of thing too much and someone is going to drop a slab or a cornice on your ass. I think its poor form, demonstrates a poor sense of ethics, and is generally an idiotic thing to do. Take a slightly different line, or wait 5 minutes.





  6. ...you fukking fuks! I need trip reports of freshies to get me through my work day. What? Why don't I go myself? Hey, eff you buddy. Blow me. Goddamn it, sack up already and go attack the bunny col or something, its the least you could do.


    Seriously, I'm too much of a pussy to get out there myself, so how's about some of you start posting some fukking reports of epics around here, seeing as how the Spraycades are SO much better than everyone else's mountains, particularly Colorados.


    Oh yeah, and about this Silverton business. Why don't you all quit your bitching and go there and see for yourself. What? Too early in the season? Sorry wanker, they've been skiing 7% water content powder since OCTOBER. What were you doing in October? Freezing your ass off at Exit 38yourmom probably.

















    Just checking in really, figured this was as good a way to say hey to the ccers as any. Sorry I haven't been around much, but there's only so much spraying a guy can do in a day, and I'm always over at those "hard core" ski sites, like doitwhileskiingXXX.com and wegodownfaster.com. Anyway, timmay and I will post some TRs eventually, just as soon as we start producing some Ts to back them up. wink.gif



  7. there was a full write up of Anthony Lakes in either Powder or Couloir in the last couple years. Positive reviews, for the operation, highly positive reviews of the terrain and wilderness there. If I can remember to, I'll look it up when I go home and tell you which issue to look at.



  8. don't listen to them my dear.


    I grew up in Colorado, and while Bend and the PacNW have grown on me rapidly, those that proclaim CO as overcrowded, overpriced, undersnowed, etc, etc, are full of horseshit. They simply went where everyone else went, and utterly failed to find the gems of the state. Go play in the San Juans, the Sangre De Christos, Silverton, Red Mountain Pass, Elk Range, Wolf Creek, etc, etc, etc, etc, and you'll be happier than a pig in poo. If you spend any time in the front range, go to Loveland, A-basin, Berthoud, the Gore Range, the Indian Peaks in the spring, etc, etc.


    Telluride is nice, although the town is expensive. If you want cheaper, and have a car, live instead in Ouray, Montrose, Silverton, Durango (in that corner of the state). I highly recommend Durango, although it'll do you no good if your job is in Telluride. But DGO is only an hour from Silverton...drooool...and is a great town, sort of like Bend, but further out in the middle of nowhere, and with a much bigger student population which contributes to good eateries, gear shops, etc.


    my $.02

  9. bwaaahahahahahhaahahhahaahahaah





    Cletus: getting limp...




  10. Jon and Timmay are the shit! I just got to spend the weekend with them climbing and skiing Mt Adams (see WA trip reports), and it was super plabolicious! Two cooler nerds I've never met, save for me and my drunk alter ego of course.


    The fact that there are this many people that love to climb, ski, spray, get outdoors, and geek out is just awesome, and Jon and Timmay have given us a place to discuss all of the above out of the pure somethingness of their little hearts.


    You guys rock, and you can bring me the swedish bikini team to sit on my face anytime. But don't let all this complimentary crap go to your heads or anything, you still need to be able to fit through the occasional brothel doorway.


    much luv


  11. went to Adams with Gapertimmy and Jon Sat/Sun. Beautimous.


    Incidentally, if ya know where to go, and there is enough snow, traversing high is waaaaaay easier than going all the way down to the AMT. We dropped out the notch at the bottom of the bowl below the SW chutes, hiked back up and around to the east maybe 250 ft vertical at most, and then could ski all the way back to the South Climb route and our gear.


    Either way, what a great descent, huh? I've actually never bothered to hit the true summit - I always stop at Piker's and go skiing... oops. laugh.gif


    Timmay and Jon both got some freakin killer pics, so I assume you'll all be seeing some soon...



  12. That's really too bad, because it's shaping up to be the biggest Bend pube club ever!!!!!!!


    Got a few newbies to town coming, invited a few out-of-town ladies we ran into at Smiffy yesterday, and then there's all of gapertimy's avatars as well!


    It should be a packed house with all 5 or 6 of us at the bar. laugh.gif


    BBC, 7:30ish/7:45ish!




  13. After an unusually warm couple of days, I headed up towards Green Lakes Saturday evening for the aforementioned Green Lakes plabfest with Timmay and his lovely bride Becky F. Beckey. The slog was somewhat tiresome in the boot deep slush, and having gotten a bit of a late eve start (hoping that things would cool off as much as possible before we headed in), we pulled up short of the lakes themselves in a super secret meadow that no one else knows about. In other words, the first clearing we could find, once we’d decided to quit for the night.


    GaperT and B.F. Beckey threw together a little fly and poles bivy, and I rolled out little bivy blanket and stuffed myself in my sleeping bag. Does it make it more hard core if I say bivy like that? See, cause, technically speaking, none of us were in a bivy sack. So I’m not sure if it counts. Can I get a ruling on that? I think I qualify, since I had no cover whatsoever, but the other 2/3s of our party is a tougher call. Now, you could argue that with a tent fly and footprint, it was hardly a bivy, but you’d be ignoring the fact that every 20 mins or so Chinook and/or Sierra would hear a NOISE and have to go investigate. Why, you ask, is this relevant to whether GaperT and B.F. Beckey were bivvying? Because the dogs were tied to the fly. laugh.gif


    Oh yes, the puppy porn:


    Chinook, Master of his own Domain



    Sierra, Energizer Dog



    Anyhew, after a couple false starts, we all finally passed out for the night, which had, in the meantime, become extraordinarily clear, beautiful, and “oh my god, it’s full of stars.”


    The morning dawned (as its prone to doing when it gets a good cup of java in it) superbly clear and crisp. Timmay and I saddled up our horses (Atomic and Triple-X, respectively), and rode them up towards South Sister’s SE side in search of Glory.


    We didn’t find her, but we did get some unreal morning light and amazing scenic views.


    Looking back at Bachy’s NW aspect



    The Approach up towards South Sister



    We headed across this valley and up to the pristine SE facing slope at the left skyline (in the pic above). From there, we were treated to more spectacular views, of Broken Top, Bachy, and the Summit bulk of South Sister from the SE.




    A couple quick bites to eat, and we dropped in to the stunning SE facing slope. The sky was amazingly blue, the corn incredibly white, and the GaperTim tremendously plab.




    Sweet turns! (Look hard, they’re there)



    After shredding that slope, we cut back skier’s right to gain the entrance to the gully we had climbed up, trounced down that as well, and were back at camp by 9:30am.




    We ditched the gear, fired up the stove, and some 30 minutes later, were grubbing on scrambled eggs with green peppers, tomatoes, onions, ham, and pepper jack cheese. Who says you can’t bivy (or whatever) in style? laugh.gif


    Wonderful evening, brilliant stars, perfect morning, smashing skiing, dyno-mite eats, great company.

    Killer 16 hour trip; I give it two thumbs up! A+