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    Attaboy. At least we had pics in our initial TR. Actually, in all seriousness, I just read that thread end to end. Sort of a let-down really. Started off great with the DONKEY DICK AND FUCKING LIES, but actually stayed civil, which was a real dissapointment. [ 10-01-2002, 03:13 PM: Message edited by: Cletus ]

    quote: Originally posted by iain: cletus you should do a search on this site. keywords: agent orange colin donkey dick tracks lie how do you know I haven't already looked a bit? Obviously some history here.. [ 10-01-2002, 03:01 PM: Message edited by: Cletus ]

    In fact, as direct evidence of your total bullshit claims, I'd like to point out that the N face is far too steep to snomo on. For fucks sake man, look at that pitch! Go back to whatever sport climb you thrutched your way out of before getting here.

    Hey Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, eat a dick, you fucking wankerjong!! You're just jealous because we got the first ascent and you didn't. Rookie. That route was a pioneering feat of alpinism, and no amount of after-the-fact backseat climbing is gonna take that away from us. So why don't you take that big fat donkey dick, and SUCK IT.

    oh picky picky so you just saw Silverton specs for the first time? Looks nice, eh? I plan to get there a couple times this year. They ran last year, and I heard epic reports. Mm...yummy.

    Current Bachy cam
  7. Death at the Coulee


    Tank ewe tank ewe. We are quite happy to have come out of it safe and sound, let me tell you. Ha ha. I was going to tell the long version, but I'm back at work now, and having just dissapeared to goof around for a full 2 hours in the middle of the day, I refrained. As an added perk, I think today has guaranteed that I'm gonna make my first ever year round season - at least once per month, every month. Figure by Oct 31, can hike the hill for real and actually ski a bit. Next time, digivid!! -c-
  9. climbing in bellingham

    quote: Originally posted by wirlwind: this summer i got my first taste of crack and i am addicted as hell. and it's a slow, hanging pitch, RIGHT OVER THE PLATE! Reponse #1: ah yes, climbing, the gateway drug Reponse #2: how'd it taste? More like tuna than chicken, eh? Take your pick...
  10. Paging Gapertimmay!

    I'm coming up, gear and all. Get the camera and some time off. I'm headed for the main lot, Pine Marten lift. 11:20am. See you at Noon. C
  11. Paging Gapertimmay!

    Epic indeed. Am just now starting to work on TR. Have to simultaneously pretend to be working as well right now, which may delay report for a couple hours, but by 3:30ish, I should have full documentation up. We had a couple close calls, and let me just say two things: 1) Timmy, I owe you one for catching me just as I was about to go over that cliff band, and 2) thank god for A-Star helis. More in a couple hours, gotta run! C
  12. mutha feggin freshiez!

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: Tim, why is your piss red? You okay buddy?
  13. Telemark Skis

    Actually, Rossi has been having some serious durability issues on their last two years of Bandit xXx's (and MegaBangs, since they come from the same line). Sidewalls being blown out and such. This aint the place to have a big ole ski discussion, which is why you (jt) oughta just go to telemarktips.com and check in there, but that being said, yes, wood core skis are generally more durable than foam core skis, K2 tends to make a pretty soft ski, and Volkl G4's rip, although they aren't really all that fat, particularly for the PacNW. One thing to remember is that alpine boards do not have a reinforced topsheet underfoot that is often needed for the torque you put on the ski in a tele turn. TONS of people mount tele binders on alpine skis, but be aware that it is possible to rip out the top layer of the ski with the binding if its not a tele-specific ski. This can be mitigated a great deal by mounting with one of the newer plate or re-designed bindings (like Linkens, Hammerheads). For a light (foam core), fairly stiff, bomber fun ski, check out the Atomic 10.EX/R.EX (same ski, different name this year), or the tele-version, the TM.EX. 84mm underfoot, wide but still versatile. For a bomber, solid, crud bustin' plow (wood core, heavier), check out the G4s, the Fischer 84s, and the Dynastar Bigs from last year (although all but the longest length of the Bigs -194cm - are a bit soft). Go to tt.com, ya won't be sorry. C
  14. mutha feggin freshiez!

    [monty]...Excellent...[/monty] But don't feel bad about it. I watch an MSP or TGR ski porn flick every few days to stay sane... give in to the dark side...
  15. mutha feggin freshiez!

    quote: Originally posted by iain: quote:Originally posted by Cletus: Let me know when you get to 6 inches. I won't be satisfied with anything less. (oh, boy, now THERE's a slow hanging curve, right over the plate...batters up!) yo homeboy looks like you best be enjoying the face shots on your own. eh. B- for effort, but you could have done much better with that pitch, i think. Back to freshies: Mmmmm...
  16. Hello? Where the hell is the 11worth TR?

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: quote:Originally posted by Cletus: Cool, right after my birthday. Will the Texan she-man pop out of a big cake for me then? and give lap dances? i do wish i could have seen the "cow hind quarters" thrown out in front of the hungry wolves this past weekend though, that would be entertaining. How'd you know about my lap dance weakness? Damn, found out already.
  17. mutha feggin freshiez!

    Let me know when you get to 6 inches. I won't be satisfied with anything less. (oh, boy, now THERE's a slow hanging curve, right over the plate...batters up!)
  18. mutha feggin freshiez!

    I'm gonna straightline that fukkin bunny hill; you best be prepared.
  19. Hello? Where the hell is the 11worth TR?

    Cool, right after my birthday. Will the Texan she-man pop out of a big cake for me then?
  20. mutha feggin freshiez!

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: .... and the freshiez continue to fall.... dreaming of sitting in a starbucks in dowtown <enter name of overcrowded NW city here> watching the rain drop down and the road rage break out on the streets Really still falling, eh? Dammit, I am coming up there in the afternoon! Seriously mang. I'm bringing full gear. Be prepared for ludicrous speed.
  21. Hello? Where the hell is the 11worth TR?

    quote: Originally posted by Greg W: quote:Originally posted by Cletus: Well? Where the hell is our TR? Inquiring minds want to know how the sausagefest was. (Or should that be HC-fest?) We climbed shit, some partied. Where the fuck were you? That's your TR. Heh heh. Gee, as much as I would have loved to have driven the 6+ hours to chill with y'all, I think the 30 min drive to Smith to hang out in the glorious sunshine with gapertimmay and various others (including gapertimmy's better half, his buddy G- from Yosemite, and Jon - oh no, wait, Jon bailed on the climbing on Sun. You missed out Jon, it was really nice!) was the better option of the two. But maybe next time, eh?
  22. Hello? Where the hell is the 11worth TR?

    Yup, just found a shabby attempt at a TR over in Spray. I expected more though. Certainly more embellishment, at the very least.
  23. mutha feggin freshiez!

    Dammit, almost forgot ice screws!
  24. mutha feggin freshiez!

    WooooooHooooo!!!!!!!!! DOn't tempt me on the rock skis and face shots idea. I'm thinking maybe I'll get fully geared up, backpack, shovel, probe, peep, wands in case of whiteout, helm, goggles, whippit self-arrest poles, axe, harness, saucer, Jack Daniels, and come up there and make a few turns on the bunny slope. You got your dv up there? We could take some pics...
  25. Telemark Skis

    CHeck out the Karhu Jaks! HUge, fun lookin board. Lots of chatter about them at www.telemarktips.com . Ask your question there regardless - they are a fantastic resource, and have a great bulletin board. Think freshies